Amrie’s Take on TV: Summer in Review

I think after a summer with nice weather like we’ve experienced here in the Philly area, I should be a lot tanner than I am. I’ve spent way too many hours hooked to the television watching some of the greatest summer TV ever made!

Remember the summer days when we waited through a million hours of boring reruns and bad reality TV (oh wait, so like ABC these days…) until it was finally time for the season premieres in late September? It has been like a breath of fresh air with all of the great shows that we’ve been privy to this summer.

Where do I even begin?

Damages continues to keep me hooked. Glenn Close sells a scene like no one else on TV. She can be cruel and caring and loving and hating and every emotion under the sun and she knows how to play them all. As cliché as it sounds, I would honestly watch her read the phone book. F/X keeps the action coming this week as we learn a little bit more about Katie Connor’s back story, and the role she plays in both Frobisher’s and Patty Hewes’ cases. We learn where Ellen’s loyalties lie, and we learn where Tom’s loyalties may not. It keeps me guessing, that’s for sure!

Rescue Me is one of those shows that I started watching from day one, and haven’t missed an episode. Sure, Tommy Gavin is no saint. Sure, the rest of his crew is as screwed up as he is. I mean, in what world does selling a baby to your ex-cousin-in-law-ex-lover for $500,000 after almost dropping said baby into the river make any sense? I’m going to stick with it. I’m in this far! Coming up on the show, we get to see the original Probie hit an all new low, and one of the best interventions that’s ever been shown on TV. We’re also left hanging, if you will, with our anti-hero as he gets stuck after a heart-to-heart with my favorite character. Also – who knew that Tommy’s dad was still alive? Why do I feel like he died last season? Apparently not!

The 4400 continues to delight!! It took me a while to hop on this train, but there is so much new stuff discovered every week that they keep me so involved! I love every character! It’s one of those shows that keeps me coming back because I’m so invested in the lives of the characters that I can’t imagine going a week without checking in on them. Kyle with a power, and Isabelle without them. Billy Campbell playing Jordan Collier as the Messiah. Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris as great as ever as best friends and partners. I hear we have big big things coming for the big finale – I’m along for the ride! Stay tuned this week for Richard’s return, and in the coming weeks, a surprise visit from the recently departed Lily!

I know that there are people here (theTVaddict and Jenny included) who aren’t the biggest fans of Monk, but I’m loving this season. I think that Natalie and Monk have finally gotten to a good place, and the Birds and the Bees speech that Monk had to give Natalie’s daughter was just fabulous. It’s an oldie but a goodie, and I’ll keep watching!

James Roday and Dule Hill are so good together! Psych’s crime-fighting-psychic duo are just fabulous. I think that they’ve truly come into their own. Roday’s real-life girlfriend Maggie Lawson has loosened up a bit as Juliet, and I really think that the whole team, Shawn’s dad included, is just wonderful! We get to see Gus try his hand at the psychic thing this week, and I can only expect something amazing!

I’m hooked on Side Order of Life! The friendships make me so happy. The way that they all rally around each other, and support each other – those are the kinds of friendships that everyone needs! Cell phone man (I have an inkling as to who it is…I’m checking on it, and when I know for sure, I’ll pass it along!) is so charming, just over the phone, that I want to get my own wrong-number-star-crossed-lines-crossed call and experience what Jenny is experiencing! Look for things with Ian and Becca to get worse before they get better….and for the ongoing love affair with Cell Phone Man to get even more intense.

The Closer is fabulous this season! I’m so invested in this crazy cast of characters! Brenda is one of the most amazing role model characters ever written, and I love the relationship that she has with Fritz. The cases are interesting and gut wrenching and they keep me watching! Kevin Bacon is a gifted director. He really did a fabulous job with the August 13 episode. Can’t wait to see what happens in the coming weeks!!

I’m also hooked on Greek but I think that might have to do with my wonderful friend Clark Duke and his hilarious character, the bible thumping Dale who wants only goodness for Spitter/Rusty!

My Boys has grown on me too, but I think it might be because Brando looks like my buddy John!

What’s coming up for the rest of the summer?

Showtime’s Weeds and Californication are going to make for a most excellent 1-2 punch on Monday nights.

And just making it in time to be considered a summer premiere (Summer is over on September 20), my favorite comedy of the past few years It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia premieres in early September. I’ve started seeing the previews, and should get my hands on the first few episodes in the coming weeks. I cannot wait!!!

What about you all? What are you watching this summer that’s keeping you indoors and out of the crazy beautiful weather?

In Other News

I want to take a minute to reflect on the fact that this month marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. I hope that you all were lucky enough to catch TLC’s premiere of Diana, Last Days of a Princess. The movie spans the last 12 weeks of her tragically short life. This shows life as it was for the Princess, and how she remained an icon even in her status as the ex-wife of the Heir to the Throne. On the other side of the coin, Lifetime has a new fictionalized account of what might have happened that night in the tunnel. August 25th, Jennifer Morrison from House stars as an avid reporter who is convinced that the death of the Princess and Dodi Al-Fayed may not have been as accidental as they’ve been claimed. Both are really interesting, detailed reports of what happened and what might have happened – if you’re interested in the death of a Princess, you should check both of them out!

That’s it for me this week – hope you’re enjoying your summer!
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  • CC

    The 4400 is a show that I feel can go on for a really long time. It’s just a little gem.

    Side Order of life is sweet. I hope it continues to be that way. Though, I was dissapointed by State of Mind. It’s growing on me alittle, however.

    I can’t say enough good things about Greek. It’s GREAT! Perfectly matched with Kyle XY.
    Though, I’m angry at ABC Family for splitting their seasons up and putting them both on hiatus until January.
    WHY? is what I want to know. Do they not think it will hold against the new fall shows or something? I don’t understand..

  • Ace

    I’m also duly excited for the new season of It’s always sunny in philadelphia. I saw a preview where they are trying to pimp their baby out to a management firm. If this is like any of the other situations they find themselves in regularly, I expect big things from this third season.

  • Linda B.

    I think the only shows i’m watching this summer are The 4400, Eureka, and Big Love, w/ the latter being the best. I just love that show.

    I watched the premiere of Californication last night. Not too bad. Man, does he get laid ALOT! Probably wouldn’t like his character except for the fact that David Duchovny is so charming.

  • Jessica

    The cell phone guy on Side Order of Life is Steven Webber from Wings and Studio 60, isn’t it? His voice is pretty easy to recognize. He just strikes me as too old for Jenny, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

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