Tuesday’s TV Headlines: MARS Movie, DESPERATE Casting

In a recent interview with the MTV Movies Blog, VERONICA MARS herself, Kristen Bell pretty much put to rest a possible MARS movie saying, “There’s [rumored] talk of a movie one day. Maybe. Who knows? [But] we haven’t even discussed it.” To that I say, thank you Mrs. Bell for providing the TV Addict with some much needed closure. Between a SERENITY sequel, X-FILES and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, I can only spend so much time hoping my favorite TV shows find an afterlife on the big screen.

According to THE SUN, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Andrea Bowen will be getting herself a new onscreen boyfriend when the show returns this fall. You know what Bowen, who plays Teri Hatcher’s daughter Julie could use instead of a boyfriend? Some acting lessons. Rory Gilmore she ain’t.

Today’s least surprising piece of news — the incomprehensible disaster of series known as JOHN FROM CINCINNATI has been officially cancelled. No word on how HBO’s going to make amends for wasting ten hours of our lives. But they can start by delivering on those promised DEADWOOD movies.

While theTVaddict.com isn’t one to toot our own horn. The Hollywood Reporter is, not surprisingly reporting that ABC has yet again yanked THE NINE off its schedule. Okay we’ll say it… we told you so!

  • Cory

    I actually liked JFC. It was utterly confusing but emotionally satisfying if you could get past some of the bad acting.

    It was no Deadwood, however. Since Milch is still paired with HBO if they tried to just continue deadwood as ammends.