With Summer TV this Good, Who Needs Fall?

With the new fall television season virtually upon us, this TV Addict has one thing to say — who cares! Okay, so that probably wasn’t the statement you’d expected coming from a guy who spends so much time watching TV his license plate proudly shouts ‘TVADDICT’ [see pic!], but the fact of the matter is that cable television — for the first time ever — has done a remarkable job of filling the usual summer void.

From DAMAGES to MAD MEN and everything in between, July and August television was almost as exciting as May sweeps. Wish LAW & ORDER were more interesting? You needn’t look any further than THE CLOSER. Who needs DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES when you’ve got ARMY WIVES. Looking for family fun? ABC Family gave us KYLE XY and GREEK. Miss the confusion of LOST? Luckily [or not so much depending on your point of view] HBO gave us JOHN FROM CINCINNATI. Quite literally there was something for everyone, including an endless stream of reality television for those of us who are still going through Sanjaya withdrawal.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still counting down the days until the Fall Season officially starts! [JIM and PAM OMG!] But we really did want to take an opportunity to pat the cable nets on the back. They’ve certainly raised the bar on summer fare. Here’s hoping ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and the CW follow suit this fall.

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  • I think I have to disagree…Sure there’s been some since of the void being filled, but fall TV (and mid-season returns) can’t compare to the fill-ins for summer.

    Rescue Me has dropped in my book, though Damages has been a stellar summer show….but I still find myself wanting more shows that can compare to the greatness of all those fall shows I miss so dearly.

    Lost, 24, The Office, Prison Break….the big guns are just waiting in the wings until these summer shows run their course.

  • Josh

    I guess I’ve missed out, since I haven’t watched any of these new summer shows. My summer TV has consisted of The 4400 (which I enjoy enough that it could be a fall show), Kyle XY, and assorted game shows.

    I’m ready for the fall TV season. I can’t wait for my favorites like The Office (Jim and Pam!!!!), 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, etc. And there are also a number of great new fall shows (Pushing Daisies = Amazing)

  • I actually agree with Flutie AND with The TV Addict both. The summer cable shows in my opinion have been terrific. My shows? The Closer, Saving Grace, Damages, Eureka, Burn Notice, Monk, Psych, Painkiller Jane, The Kill Point, The Company, The 4400, The Dead Zone (Not in the order of preference, just Monday-Sunday). All of those are my can’t miss. *shrug* But… I am REALLY looking forward to the fall season. Especially some of the new shows. 😀

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  • KayDee

    I’m aligning myself with the other comments here and saying I’M looking forward to Fall! Summer is good, with Mad Men, Kyle XY, The Dead Zone and The 4400, but many of the so-called “cutting edge” shows are not entertainment to me. They’re too hard-edged and at times, downright callous and mean. While many critics may find these shows an enjoyable respite from the more generic network offerings, but I guess I’m just an average American who likes NCIS, Bones and Supernatural, and am looking forward to the premiers of Pushing Daisies, Moonlight, and the mid-season offering, New Amsterdam!