HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 Premieres Tonight [Finally]

high school muscial 2

At this moment, millions of phone conversations across the country are taking place. Odds are, more than a few of them sound like this:

GUY #1: Dude, Waz Up! [Yes, people still say that!] We checking out SUPERBAD tonight? It’s getting really great reviews. Michael Cera is DA BOMB! I can’t believe FOX was so dumb to cancel ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT… and FIREFLY and WONDERFALLS [okay, so that last part I just made up]

GUY #2: I totally want to see SUPERBAD! Love Michael Cera. But I’ve already got plans tonight.

GUY #1: Are you frakkin’ kidding me? Dude, we’ve been talking about this movie for weeks.

Cue background music: “We’re all in this together….”

GUY #2: Sorry man, I know. But I’ve got plans… umm… it’s a family thing.

More background music: “Na na na yeah.. You Are the Music In Me…”

GUY #1: Dude… is that HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL playing in the background?

GUY #2: Umm… errr… wait a second? How do you know this is HIGH SCHOOL MUSCIAL?

GUY #1: Umm… Okay fine… I’ll be over at 8PM

GUY #1: Make it 6, we’re watching HSM 1 first.

There’s no point in hiding folks, let’s face it, everybody’s doing it! Young, old, guy, girl — you know where you’ll be tonight. In front of your TV, popcorn in hand, lyrics in the other. Disney’s Phenomenon HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 finally premieres, and if you’re anything like this TV Addict, you already know half the words. Tonight at 8PM on the Disney Channel in the US, Family Channel in Canada — we’re all in this together.

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  • Josh

    Not me! I still haven’t seen HSM1 and have no plans to see it anytime soon.

    But since you mentioned Superbad, that movie looks hilarious. I can’t wait to see it.

  • Amy

    Dude, you forgot Drive!

  • Amy, It’s FOX… I forgot a lot! DRIVE, REUNION, BRISCO COUNTY JR, PROFIT… and more.