PRISON BREAK Season 3 Scoop

Thanks to my blogger bud GMMR, I just came across a fantastic new PRISON BREAK season three promo. Like all FOX promos tend to do, it makes the new season look fantastic. So much so that I may have to jump on the PRISON BREAK bandwagon prior to the start of the third season.

Does the TV Addict have what it takes to get through the entire second season DVD prior to the show’s September premiere? Well, that’s why I get paid the big bucks?! Oh wait… either way, stay tuned and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on my PRISON BREAK bandwagon status.

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  • Frank

    Dont bother, this show just runs in circles. Its reason for being is over. They are out of jail, the conspiracy has been uncovered.

    Now they are just wasting viewers time. It was good while it was on, but now the show has become too drawn out and far fetched.

  • Wow Frank… way to rain on my PRISON BREAK parade! I guess I’m just a sucker for FOX promos. They sure make the new season look exciting.

  • Tim

    I jumped off that train wreck after the fall finale of the first season.

  • *shrug* I still love it. 😀

  • Josh

    Don’t listen to them, it’s not a bad show. Last season was actually pretty good, I thought. I’m not sure how I feel about where it looks like Season 3 is heading though. I like the suspense and mystery more than the excessive prison violence.

  • Dennis

    I’ll bet those folks that think that Prison Break is far-fetched, etc., also think that a show like Heroes is completely believable. I’m not knocking Heroes, I watch it. You just have to put yourself in the mindset of how clever the writers are to keep things exciting.

  • Dennis — Agreed. While I completely get if you don’t like a show. I’ve never understood how people say PRISON BREAK is unrealistic…. Ummm it’s a show about guys breaking out of prison! Of course it’s unbelievable. And 24…. I’ve driven in LA, you can’t get anywhere in less that an hour, let alone the two minutes it takes Jack Bauer to get across town.

  • Nuj

    I definitely encourage you to sample the bandwagon. The first season was smart and tense. The second season was less taut, but the relationships and the unraveling were still compelling. Like Josh, I like the suspense and mystery more than the violence, but I am going to give it a chance nonetheless. A promo generally focuses on one element and that doesn’t mean the entire show is about that element.



  • Mana

    I CAN understand why people find Prison Break unrealistic and far-fetched.

    It is all about things being realistic and believable within the universe created.
    If the Winchesters fight a spirit in ‘Supernatural’ then that is realistic. If the spirit carves Dean’s heart out and he survives then that is unrealistic. The first one is realistic because the universe is based on the fact that there are supernatural beings out there and that they can be fought. The second one is unrealistic because in said universe humans are still just regular humans and are thus subjected to the same conditions as real life humans.

    So, if Claire is shot in Heroes and has no wound to show for it is realistic within its own universe because that universe is based on the fact that humans have developed in these kind of powers through generations. When all logic goes out the window in Prison Break, however, things become unrealistic within its own universe because that universe is based on a normal world with “normal” people.

    I think most people are willing to cut these shows a lot of slack in the realistic/unrealistic department… but if the show grows too far-fetched within its own universe then it can be hard to really get into it and care. A show is truly awesome when you believe what you watch… at least for those 45 minutes.

    Anyway, I personally loved the first season. It was incredibly well put together and the suspense was great. It was nice visually and the character interactions were something to look forward to. The second season didn’t do much for me. I didn’t find the characters as interesting apart as I did them together and seemed that while a lot of things happened… nothing really did. It kept going in circles and became more and more riddiculous with its twist and turns. Not to mention that the unpredictableness of it became predictable. I was bored.

    The third season looks a bit annoying but has the potential to be good if you abandon all thought (that didn’t sound as positive as I wanted it to). I will watch to get what will hopefully be the end of the story. Also, while it is not my choice scenario, I’m glad they’re going back to something that resembles prison. I’ve always been a sucker for the whole prison theme.

    So yay! The promo makes me squee and I’m looking forward to the new season.

  • Common Sense

    Prison Break is my “guilty pleasure,” I guess. Me and a very small group at work are devoted fans, maybe because we got hooked right off the bat and just want to follow it thru. Yes, there are some ludicrous moments and coincidences, but….I don’t know, for some reason, I just never want to miss an episode. And there are very few shows like that in “my universe.”

  • Prison Break season 2 is a must for Prison Break fans. No one should ever miss a chance to watch it live. Michael and Sara are so great together!!

  • pb4life

    while prison break is one of the greatest shows to come from us television that said the scripting of prison break is genius …. agent alex malone gets scofields tattoo print and his genius like through esp figures out what next plan is on scofields mind you remember sofield saying alex seems like he knows what they are thinking… and i guess the christina rose tattoo was the last bunny in scofields hat of tricks it would be disastrous for micheal to have more strategies from his body thinks that scofield should get the tatoos of the panama cell on him too so he can escape. i kinda think scofield also having had tatoos stretched far from escaping the prison its alittle far fetched but hey the guys is a genius or can he see into the future like johhny of dead zone guys go figure.