The TV Addict’s Weekly SCI FI Round Up is thrilled to have teamed up with our friends at SyFy Portal to give you a weekly round up of some of the biggest news in nerd SCI FI entertainment.

For some inexplicable reason, HEROES has cast another former Trek legend. This time, bringing on Nichelle Nichols for five or six episodes. Which begs the obvious question — does anyone else think it’s far too early in HEROES run to be going to the ‘stunt casting’ well this many times? How are they going to revitalize the show in season seven? [click for more]

SCI FI has announced their fall schedule and four of the five Cylon Gods agree — it rocks thanks to a November BATTLESTAR GALACTICA mini-series, and the upcoming holiday movie event TIN MAN. [click for more]

JERI RYAN’S former stalker has been arrested again. We have a feeling, Jeri Ryan’s new co-star Sebastian SHARK won’t be defending him. [click for more]

Executive producer Joel Silver promises that his new show MOONLIGHT will not be ANGEL 2.0. That sigh you heard, thousands of really disappointed ANGEL fans. [click for more from SyFy] or check out the original article at

And finally, In spite of predominantly negative reviews, SCI FI’s latest series FLASH GORDON pulled in decent ratings. Having seen the second and third episode, this TV Addict can’t help but hope fans give the show another look. The show’s second and third episodes are a vast improvement over the first. With the writers realizing that FLASH GORDON is supposed to be light-hearted escapist fun, not serious and dull.

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