We Interrupt Your Lovely Saturday…

… For some incredibly important TV news. Okay so ‘important’ is a bit of a stretch. But it’s TV news nonetheless.

Live in Canada, miss THE OC? As I type this, MUCH MUSIC is in the midst of airing an OC marathon and Marissa’s alive! Re-live your favorite Newport memories from the beginning and ‘Welcome to THE OC B*tch…’

What time is it? Time for Disney to start celebrating. According to preliminary fast national ratings, last night’s premiere of HIGH SCHOOL MUSCIAL 2 ranks as the most-watched basic cable telecast EVER! Drawing an estimated 17.2 million viewers! Which, we should mention, also means it’s time for Disney to pony-up and give Zac Efron and Co. a big fat raise for HSM3.

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  • Wow, amazing! I know HSM 2 will break the record of HSM1 (which was 7 to 8 million viewers) but I never thought it will be that high especially it was aired on a FRIDAY night. That’s the highest friday night rating even for broadcast tv in recent memory, right?

    But expect people criticizing HSM 2 not living up the hype but hey we can’t deny the movie’s success

  • I loved it. So did my 9 year old. 😀 We’re both so freakin excited about HSM 3 being on the BIG SCREEN! 😀