The Family Channel Blows It

Last night, the unthinkable happened. My PVR didn’t record the end of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2. Who won the talent show? Was there a happy ending? Did Troy and Gabrielle finally kiss? So many questions left unanswered. With the most important question being — how could Canada’s so-called FAMILY CHANNEL do this to us?

Now I know what you’re thinking [aside from the TV Addict is way too old to be watching the Family Channel!]. Shouldn’t a seasoned TV Addict such as myself always set the PVR to record a few minutes later — just in case the network pulls the inevitable ‘AMERICAN IDOL,’ extending the show six minutes long? Well, yes and no. When it comes to the major networks, I’m used to tinkering slightly with the start and end times of my PVR recordings to ensure that I don’t miss those pivotal final moments of LOST. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that THE FAMILY CHANNEL would stoop to such levels. Surely the channel with ‘family’ in the title must have known that parents wanted to record HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 [in its entirety] so that their kids could watch it over and over and over and over again.

Which leads me to the inevitable question. Was toying with the end time simply a brilliant move to ensure viewers tuned into the continuous encore presentations of the movie? If so, the plan worked. If you find yourself in the same boat as the TV Addict, you can catch an encore presentation of HSM2 tomorrow [Sunday August 19] at 12 noon. Just remember — if you actually want to see how the movie ends, be sure to set your PVR, DVR or VCR for at least fifteen minutes later than the stated end time.

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  • heh I recorded an hour over cause there was a new Hannah Montana (which Josh & I both love) starting about 20 minutes after. 😀

  • You shouldn’t be watching THE FAMILY CHANNEL… 😉

  • Marisa

    The same thing happened to me. I was chasing on my TiVo and I even added 5 minutes to my recording time and it still wasn’t enough. Bad Family Channel.

    Interesting, the length of the showing on Sunday is listed at 2 hours long. I wonder if that’s because there will be commercials, or if it’s because of their screw up on Friday night. Either was I’m adding 30 minutes to the recording time just to be safe.

  • tcgc

    awwwww….you poor people…g-d forbid…lol.

  • Actually, I was in NY and my friend recorded it from the Disney Channel and IT CUT OFF TOO so I’m guessing Family was just following Disney’s lead… argh..

    (and I just got back so missed to repeat… ARGH).