Monday’s TV Headlines: ONE TREE HILL, Ryan Seacrest and Trump

If we’re to believe the beacon of journalistic integrity that is, ONE TREE HILL has just officially jumped the shark. According to ‘sources’, is ‘reporting’ that Kevin Federline is set to shoot a guest spot on the CW sudser this week. All together now, they cancelled EVERWOOD for this? (Yup, two years later, still bitter!)

Speaking of ‘jumping the shark’, the Dumpster, err we mean the Trumpster is up to his old tricks. In yet another desperate attempt for attention, Donald Trump claims that he’s currently negotiating with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to take part in THE APPRENTICE: CELEBRITY EDITION. And if you believe Trump, we at know this Prince in Nigeria who only needs a few thousand dollars to help… well you get the idea.

Today’s announcement by FOX that Ryan Seacrest will be hosting the upcoming 59TH PRIMETIME EMMY® AWARDS can only mean one thing. Ryan Seacrest is the only actor — unlike say Lindsay, Paris and Nicole — that we’ll actually believe when he’s checked into the hospital for ‘exhaustion.’ AMERICAN IDOL NEW YEAR’S EVE! E! NEWS LIVE! HIS OWN RADIO SHOW! Does this guy ever stop working!

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  • Josh

    Did CSI jump the shark when Federline appeared on there? I’m not saying I don’t dislike this casting, but it won’t ruin OTH. I’m still interested in seeing the show’s jump ahead at midseason.

  • Common Sense

    Trump needs to offer Federline the job op. Britney needs to be institutionalized. Real nice “mother.”

    On a different note, I started watching the FOX special on TV’s 30 Funniest Moments of all time, and boy, who let the Emmy nominators loose on *this* special? Any typical episode of Arrested Development had 10x more laughs than this debacle, which I turned after 15-min. Does Hollywood really “KNOW” funny? I’m doubting it!! Switched over to HIMYM (bore), and now NAOOChristine…and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is just hysterical. Her Emmy was well-deserved; this show is very, very funny…mostly due to her (and Wanda, when she’s around).