Amrie’s Take on TV: GREEK

greekI didn’t join a sorority when I was in college.

I didn’t have friends in a fraternity when I was in college.

I know nothing about the Greek system, besides what I’ve learned on TV.

And I’m completely and utterly addicted to ABC Family’s other Monday night offering, Greek! Here is just a sample of the reasons this show has gotten me hooked!

1. Spencer Grammer as Casey Cartwright – I wasn’t sold on the idea of Kelsey’s daughter playing a prominent role in this series. Even after watching the first episode of the series, I didn’t find her able to hold my interest. But as the episodes continued, I’ve found that I love the ability she has to alternate between teenager-in-love and bitchy-sorority-queen. She’s funny. She’s snobby. She’s fabulous.

2. Cappy – To quote a fellow Greek lover (my sister Mary, hey there!) – He’s the bad guy that every girl secretly loves, because he’s also a good guy. There is something so charming about Scott Foster’s approach to this drunk, cliché of a frat boy. He’s cute, he’s funny, and I have to admit, I would choose Cappy over Jason-Dohring-lite Evan (Jake McDorman) in a heartbeat.

3. Rusty “Spitter” Cartwright – he is just your stereotypical engineering nerd with a heart of gold! He seems to unintentionally unaware of what’s happening around him, and he just wants to prove that he can handle himself in the Greek System. I also love the relationship that he has with his sister Casey. They’re not best friends. They tolerate each other, and they give each other great advice.

4. The friendships – yes, it sounds sappy, but I’m drawn to the tight knit friendships that these kids have formed. Spitter and Calvin, Cappy and Beaver, Casey and Ashleigh, Evan and…well, I guess Evan is his own best friend…I just love the interactions. You get the feeling, as I’d imagine happens in real sororities and fraternities, that these people would do, and have done, anything for each other.

5. CLARK DUKE!! – did you think I’d forget my favorite person on the planet besides Michael Cera? When you need a break from the Greek System, Clark’s Dale is there to put it all in perspective. “A Yankee and a heathen, I’m gonna pray for you Rusty”. Or when Rusty mentions that he’ll just catch the next “Left Behind Party”, Dale’s quick with the “Well, the next one might be in Heaven, so make sure you’re on the list”. Clark loves this role – he says it’s a “real fun job.” You know me, I’d watch Clark read the phone book, because he makes me laugh until I cry, but it’s such a lucky thing that he was cast in a show that makes me smile!

What about you guys? Are you watching Greek? It’s best to start tuning in now. Charisma Carpenter is going to be in the season finale – you don’t want to miss that!

In Other News
The season finale of Army Wives is coming up this weekend. It’s such a charming show. I didn’t expect to like it, but I’ve been hooked since day one. I can’t give too much away about what’s coming on the finale, but tune in until the final minutes! It’s really good. I can’t wait for next season!

Just want to put my two cents in about Kristen Bell on Heroes – I’m with TV addict reader Shanna who said that she is excited about KB’s joining the cast, but not excited about the umpteenth character to be added. I agree! I think that there are just too many people on the cast. They’re getting like LOST with their million characters. I’ll still watch, and I’ll enjoy KB’s being on anything, because I love her, but I’m not sure they can keep adding characters and keep my interest!

I love Weeds – I’m so glad it’s back.
I love Flight of the Conchords – I’m so glad it’s gotten picked up for another season.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I talk to Kay Panabaker (I have a fascination with the Panabakers of Disney fame!) about her role in a fabulous new Lifetime movie. Also coming up is my take on the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (still crass, still off-color, still AMAZING), and what I’d like to see when Ryan Seacrest gets his Emmy-host on, September 16!

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  • Hansi

    I liked the first 3 episodes, but not su much the last three, they have absolutely no story development and are filled with college clichè’s. But as long as Clark is in I will keep watching it

  • CC

    If you have the ability to look beyond pretense and cliches about the greek system and college, “Greek” is one of the sweetest shows around. I wish everyone would give it a chance, it’s paired perfectly with Kyle XY.

  • jess

    I just love GREEK my younger brother who is a frat boy insisted that i watch and now I’m totally addicted. DO you know if its been picked up for a second season?

  • I love Greek as well. I wasn’t impressed by the promos, but watched the pilot (because I will watch anything in the teen/college genre) and loved it. I’ve been hooked ever since. I love your reasons for liking the show, I agree completely. The one thing I do hope the delve into a little bit more is Casey’s character. I like Spencer Grammer but I think her character seems to make a lot of decisions without motivation because they haven’t sufficiently filled out her backstory.

    Jess, I am pretty sure ABC Family already ordered season two. Woo!