First Looks: Mary-Kate Olsen, HEROES Season 2 and UGLY BETTY

To help you get through that final grueling hour at the office, we at thought we’d offer up some highly-anticipated TV previews. Enjoy, and remember. Keep a spreadsheet a click away just in case your boss walks by!

Dying to see if Mary-Kate Olsen actually has acting chops outside of ten years on FULL HOUSE? Enjoy this first look of some of her work on WEEDS. Oh, and we should mention — enjoy this forty second preview while you can. Having seen the first four episodes of the season, we can assure you, Olsen doesn’t show up. Unless of course she was standing sideways (zing!) [click here]

Sark! Veronica Mars! Greg Grunberg! Could we BE anymore excited for season two of HEROES? Probably not. That said, here’s a sneak peak to help you pass the time. Save The Cheerleader… oh wait, that was last year. [click here]

Remember Betty? The slightly ugly girl with oh so much inner beauty. ABC certainly hope so! But just in case you forgot, check out this new music video featuring MIKA. [click here]

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  • shanna

    The Mary-Kate preview was definitely my favorite. I cannot wait for her episodes to air! Why are they torturing us?