Be the First to Watch K-VILLE and PRISON BREAK

wentworth miller prison break season 3

Dying to preview a new FOX show but don’t feel like resorting to illegal downloading? Simply click here to enjoy the series premiere of K-VILLE.

Still on the edge of your seat from last year’s PRISON BREAK season finale? Wondering if star Wentworth Miller will finally crack a smile? Click here to check out the first seventeen minutes of PRISON BREAK’S third season premiere.

Both PRISON BREAK and K-VILLE have their season premieres this Monday September 17 at 8PM on FOX.

Sadly, these shows are only available to our friends in the US. So if you’re able to watch them, please post below and let your friends around the world know what you think.

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  • idigress

    I watched the pilot of K-Ville and I enjoyed it. I will watch a few episodes when it premieres to see if it becomes must-watch for me.

  • jess

    I gotta admit i was interested when i first heard about K-ville but I enjoyed it was fast-pased and the two main characters have the makings of a great buddy team ala mel and danny. I’ll DVR it and see if the keep it interesting. Oh and the PRiSon BreaK sneak peak LOOKS FRAKIN’ AWESOME i can’t wait to get my weekly fill of Wentworth.