HEROES: Most OverHyped Show Ever?

Don’t get us wrong, we at theTVaddict.com can’t wait for the return of HEROES. But even the most die hard fan of the show has to wonder — can the second season possibly live up to all the hype?

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  • Josh

    Why do you feel the need to constantly be negative when it comes to Heroes? Here’s an idea: quit worrying about how the show’s second season will or won’t turn out and just watch. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to be so critical, even before the season begins.

  • Josh, great comment. Check back tomorrow for my response!

  • I’m with TVaddict on this one. I LOVE the show and it’s great popcorn entertainment but from the way NBC and the co-operating media has put it, I feel like Tim Kring really is about to try and save the world. So at this point, with all the hype (and the reminder that the finale basically sucked the big one), season 2 seems to already be placed on a pedestal, one that can topple fast if they aren’t careful.

    Anyways, I’ve been mostly ignoring it all and just enjoying the show for what it is while I can (though the fact that Kristen Bell will be on did interupt my summer hiatus from it all! (Though again, I think she would have been better suited for Lost))

  • ewanspotter

    Hey, I’m still shocked the thing is still on the air. When I first saw the previews, I couldn’t believe there’d be an audience for it at all. I’m glad it made it and survived, and although I don’t *love* it, I still enjoy it a lot and watch every week. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how big the actual audience is, and how many are just watching because it’s an “It” show. After the first couple of episodes air this year, then we’ll see who stays to watch, and who were merely sheep.

  • … says the blogger with a giant HEROES ad running down the side of his site.

    heh 🙂

  • It’s natural for a show that was so huge in its first season to face quite a bit of backlash eventually… especially when the season finale was, in many corners, considered such a huge disappointment. The ad linked here just seems so… pretentious. All I ask is tha that the show tell a good story… and that, unlike last year, it build to a satisfying conclusion. Come to think of it, that’s all I ask of pretty much any show.

  • CC

    I love Heroes, but the SEASON FINALE didnt even live up to the hype, so why should I expect season two to?

  • Jenna

    I watch and enjoy Heroes but I’m not really a huge fan of the show. I thought the finale was awful and hadn’t even expected much to begin with… and the promo above? Beautiful visually but the overall atmosphere to it seems off for this particular show.