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If you’re not watching FX’s DAMAGES… what the heck is wrong with you? This drama is the best show of the summer, hands down, offering up a stellar cast, sublime writing and twists at every turn. Now if only the major networks would do what they do best and start ripping off the quality programming (NIP/TUCK, RESCUE ME) being pumped out by FX. I’d rather sit through a clone of these shows than most of the programs we’ll be offered this fall. (Assuming that the networks put the very best clips in the endlessly running trailers for their new shows, I’m ready to fill out toe tags for ABC’s DIRTY, SEXY MONEY and BIG SHOTS.)

I’m one of BIG BROTHER’s biggest fans, but this season’s houseguests are such a despicable lot that I find it almost painful to tune in. I don’t’ really give a crap who walks away a winner at this point. I’d stop watching were it not for my major completion issues.

Ready or not, here comes one of daytime’s hottest – and most unconventional – couples. Who expected AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Luke and Noah to not only have so much chemistry, but be allowed to actually show it? It’s unclear so far how soap fans will react to the pairing, but I’ve gotta give props to everyone involved with the show for allowing this couple to take center stage. It’s a brave move, and one a long time in coming.

Looking for something to keep you entertained while at work and unable to watch “real” TV? Might I suggest heading over to, where 130 episodes of AFTERWORLD are currently unspooling? The format takes a bit of getting used to – at least for those who aren’t fans of graphic novels or virtual reality games – the story is a fascinating one, with businessman Russell Shoemaker (voiced by former DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Roark Critchlow) trying to figure out what wiped out 99.9 percent of the population and all technology. Five episodes in, I’m hooked… despite my initial reservations.

COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH OLBERMANN — one of the smartest shows on the airwaves — will get a special airing this Sunday at 7 p.m. on NBC. The show — which kicks off each hour by asking “Which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow?” — is a fast-paced, highly addictive news hour hosted by the kind of guy you’d totally want to be friends with… only to later regret it when he proved to be so much smarter, cooler and funnier than you could ever hope to be as to make you jealous as all hell. Forget DATELINE, 20/20 and their ilk. Olbermann’s show is what all the cool kids are watching. And you wanna be cool, right? RIGHT?

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  • Sandra

    Log time watcher of As the World Turns. Luke and Noah’s story has an interesting spin and they are HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  • Josh

    You are so right about Big Brother. I’ve watched every season so far, and it used to be my favorite reality show. But they cast such vile, disgusting people this season that I don’t even know whether I’ll ever watch BB again. And besides that, their manipulation of the game is pathetic. What’s the point in having a show like this when they try to tell people how to vote?

    I’m surprised at your comment about Dirty Sexy Money. I actually think that has a good chance at being a hit. I’ve seen some funny clips, especially with Samaire Armstrong’s character.

  • How many total episodes are there of Afterworld? I’m only able to get the first 16…….

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