Burning Questions: Weekend Edition

Thanks to the return of REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER, tonight’s second season finale of BIG LOVE and the always entertaining ENTOURAGE, isn’t it time anonymous Showtime executives pulled back on the ‘HB-Over” rhetoric? [see related NY Times article]

Speaking of BIG LOVE, which by the way I’ve absolutely loved this season — who creeps you out more — Alby Grant, Roman Grant or Rhonda Volmer?

Tonight’s TEEN CHOICE AWARDS are being hosted by self-proclaimed ‘Teen Queen’ Hillary Duff and Nick [why am I still famous] Cannon. Two actor-musician hyphenates who in this TV Addict’s humble opinion, are far too old to be hosting the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS. Anyone else think Duff and Canon were simply the last resort — after the entire cast of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 turned FOX down?

And finally, while the TV Addict in general doesn’t enjoy watching people humiliate themselves on TV — Miss South Carolina wins this weekend’s award for perpetuating the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype. Take a look at this soon to be classic YouTube clip.

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  • CC

    It’s hard to choose who is creepier on Big Love… seriously. I think I vote Rhonda!

  • Matt P
  • Matt, Interesting article. Thanks for the link.

    But I’m going to disagree with Nikki Finke’s assertion that HBO and Showtime should switch marketing departments. How could you not stop and stare at Mary-Louise Parker’s revealing WEEDS advertisements?

    I think the problem lies with the way HBO and Showtime are sold via the cable operators. Living in Canada, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t HBO offered on somewhat of a more regular tier package, where as Showtime is something you have to go out of your way to ask for? That in my opinion is a huge problem. There are simply far more HBO subscribers than Showtime.

  • I would also have to choose Rhonda. I love Albie and his newfound hair. Roman isn’t scary, he’s old.

  • Matt P

    They are both premium channels, don’t know how they are marketed, but believe there are more deals I think for HBO, but don’t think showtime is exactly something extremly hidden either. Probably somewhere in the middle.

    I guess the main reason why I linked to the article was why she thinks HBO sucks, in that article and others linked with in it.

  • Linda B.

    Rhonda is totally the creepiest character on Big Love. I can’t believe she’s Lilo!

  • shanna

    I’m stuck somewhere between Rhonda and Alby. I think people find Rhonda creepier because she’s younger and therefore has the potential to become infinitely creepier.

    And I don’t think Showtime is better or worse than HBO. As I type I’m having DirecTV installed because my current cable provider jacked up the price and I need both HBO and Showtime, I love my Entourage just as much as my Weeds.

  • CC

    I was dissapointed Rhonda wasnt even in the season finale!