Channel Surfing with C.T.

This summer, Lifetime’s ARMY WIVES has proven to be a wildly entertaining series with some of the most likable characters around. And Sunday night’s finale gave fans exactly what they’ve come to expect: A little romance, a few tears, a hokey moment or two and even a little bit of flag-waving patriotism. But can anyone tell me why the network gave away the “shocking” ending a full week in advance? Viewers who’d seen the previous week’s teaser for the finale knew that someone would walk into the Hump Bar with a bomb strapped to their chest. What we didn’t realize that the moment wasn’t leading up to the cliffhanger, but actually WAS the cliffhanger! Getting all the lead characters together in order to put them in jeopardy is a tried-and-true soap device which was deftly used by the WIVES writers, who probably weren’t thrilled to have their carefully constructed cliffhanger blown by an over-eager PR department.

Why is SURVIVOR heading to China? Have they learned nothing? Past seasons have proven that when the show leaves the beach, viewers tend to abandon ship. I could be wrong, but I think the producers are putting a whole lot more stock into the fact that – as the commercials love to remind us – “for the first time ever” an American television show is filming in the shadow of an ancient mountain… I’m sorry, how long was I asleep? Yes, I’ll tune in on September 20th… but if there aren’t a few interesting folks making the journey, don’t expect me to stick around. And by “interesting” I don’t mean nasty. That’s a casting mistake BIG BROTHER made this season, and if I get even the vaguest hint that the new survivors will prove as unlikable a bunch as their house-bound brethren, I’ll be flipping channels quicker than you can say “the tribe has spoken.”

Usually by this time of year, I’m frantically trying to figure out how I’m going to watch all the great new shows I’m excited to see. This year… not so much? Is it just me, or does the crop of fall programs being offered seem even more lackluster than usual? Have we just been spoiled by the great shows on cable? Help me out, here, folks, because I’m getting depressed. Convince me that at least a few of the new shows coming out are worth getting excited about!

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  • What to be excited about for the Fall:

    Pushing Daisies
    Gossip Girl
    Private Practice
    Aliens in America

    And I’m excited for Women’s Murder Club, cause I adore the books and Angie Harmon, but I am not getting my hopes up. heh

  • Not excited about the Fall shows? I defer to Jenny above. I’m going to add “Dirty, Sexy, Money” to that list. It’s trashy, it’s campy but well acted. Bring on the Fall TV.

  • Alyssa

    I completely agree wih the Big Brother comments. HATE.

  • The ARMY WIVES promo pretty much giving away the finale’s cliffhanger was bizarre. Especially, considering that they sent out screeners for review, with a letter attached that asked for these types of details to not be disclosed and thus, not ruin any surprises for potential viewers.

    As for excitement for the new fall season, I would add BIONIC WOMAN and LIFE in place of ALIENS IN AMERICA and REAPER to Jenny’s list. Plus, I would add in the excitement for the return of old favorites like: PRISON BREAK, HEROES, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, THE OFFICE, HOUSE and others.

    While the Summer TV season has been great with THE CLOSER, MY BOYS, PSYCH, BURN NOTICE and many others, I anxiously await the Fall TV season.

  • shanna

    I’m with C.T. on this one. The fall line-up is not exciting for me at all. I’m happy with my (few) returning shows and the leftovers from summer cable. I just can’t get into this fall’s lineup. Nothing excites me about any of the concepts.

  • the-ggod-shepherd

    Just like the commentors above have said, ther are a lot of new shows that deserve to be thrilled about: REAPER, BIONIC WOMAN, LIFE, JOURNEYMAN, SAMANTHA WHO?, PUSHING DAISIES or CHUCK, just to name a few, look awesome!!!
    AND the shows that will return this fall will keep us exited as well, i mean with HEROES, PRISON BREAK, SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE (yes i’m the one who’s watching it), HOUSE, GREY’S ANATOMY, NCIS, THE OFFICE, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and DEXTER returning, what are you complaining about at all?!?!
    And there are still the shows that will start at Mid-Season, like 24, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, LOST or JERICHO 😉

  • Kate

    I am worried to get excited about this season because we were burned last year. Smith, The Nine, Traveler, Studio 60 and etc. started out great but were yanked or had a slow death so I don’t want to have high expectations. Even though I have seen Aliens, Reaper, Chuck, Daisies, Sarah Connor, Bionic Woman, Lipstick Jungle, all but one look appealing. Still I am refraining from excitement.