FOX Ditches WOMAN, Sign of Things to Come?

If you enjoyed the premiere episode of ANCHORWOMAN — an odd entry in which model Lauren Jones took over the news at a small station in Tyler, Texas — you weren’t alone. Oh, wait, maybe you were. After a single episode, FOX pulled the show from its line-up, relegating unaired segments to the Internet. Yes, once again, FOX has proven the worst possible network on which to try and launch a series. Was ANCHORWOMAN great TV? Not by a long shot. It was, however, interesting. Upon first viewing, some were left wondering if this was reality or some sort of mocumentary. In either case, Jones and company certainly deserved more than one episode to show us what they could do. Seeing how little confidence FOX has in its own programming, just how eager should viewers be to try new shows when the network rolls out its fall line-up next month?

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  • Josh

    I would say that’s the reason I won’t be watching any new Fox shows, but the truth is that none of them even sound very good. I am tempted to watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles at midseason, but I have a feeling even that won’t last.

  • ewanspotter

    “In either case, Jones and company certainly deserved more than one episode to show us what they could do.”

    You know, USUALLY I’d be inclined to agree with you for a *fictional* show, but I don’t have a ton of sympathy for *reality* TV. Especially reality TV like this.

  • Michael

    After Fox fumbled Drive the way they did, I decided I would not watch a new show on Fox again until they change their tune. Back to You looks interesting but why should I waste my time? Almost every show I have really liked that has been canceled prematurely in the last 5 years has been on Fox.

  • Common Sense

    These networks just keep throwing smelly reality crap against the wall, hoping something will stick. Tonight (Mon.), for instance, ABC offers up a wipe of Wife Swap, a whiff of Fat March, and an S.B.D. of Supernanny. Is it any wonder I am sitting here typing on the computer while CBS (and Charlie Sheen…ugh!!!) play in the background??

    Why can’t (or WON’T) the nets play on Monday? Guess what, folks, in a few weeks, we’ll have The CW’s Aliens and Chris to enjoy, so the reality scraps can be left in a pile out back.