Is anyone else surprised it took FOX this long to announce a celebrity edition of ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5th GRADER? Set to air this November Sweeps, the celebrity edition is scheduled to include AMERICAN IDOL’S Clay Aiken and Kellie Pickler, Regis Philbin, Billy Bush, Tony Hawk and Miss America Lauren Nelson. Talk about a letdown.

Here’s who this TV Addict wanted to see on the show. Genuine celebrities who, in reality, may not be smarter than a 5th grader. Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paula Abdul, to name a few.

One contestant who won’t be competing is Miss Teen USA contestant Miss South Carolina. Sadly, she already proved this weekend that she’s most definitely not smarter than a 5th grader [see clip].

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  • Common Sense

    Oh, for the love of….. Ms. Pickler, your 15-minutes of shame are UP, dear. You were an annoying idiot on Idol, and I have no doubt you will further embarrass yourself on this show (if it’s possible for contestants on this game to actually feel embarrassment). In fact, I wonder if you somehow inspired the title of this one? Ugh. All of that fake put-on naive nonsense you spewed to Seacrest just made me want to vomit. You alone, dear Pickler, drove me away from that season of I-Dull. What’s next for you, “Farmer Wants a Wife?” You in a pigstye, I might watch that.

  • Monica Vane

    I love this show and watch it every week. I was surprised, however, that a couple of answers that I knew were correct turned out otherwise on the show. Specifically, the question about the universal blood type last week was answered to be “AB”. That is not correct. The universal blood type is most definitely “O”.

    Also, last night there was a question as to how many lbs. are in a ton. I always thought it was 2,200 lbs. The answer on the show was 2000. If you look it up, a “short” ton has 2000 lbs., but a long ton has 2,240.

    If I had been on as a contestant, I would have asked for a ruling on both of those answers.

    Just had to say it. Thanks! -Monica Vane

  • Jack OL

    I love this show too. Problem is that many people hear the questions and answers wrong and fault the show. Questions such as, “What is the blood type of the Universal Recipient (AB)?” get changed around by inattentive people to Universal Donor. Questions regarding the US Customary ton (2000 lbs) get changed into the the metric ton (1000Kg/2204 lbs). They need an official website where the actual questions are published.

  • Jack OL

    Sounds good.