First Look: Kristen Bell in HEROES

kristen bell heroes

Is it wrong that I’m almost as excited for Kristen Bell to star on HEROES as I would have been for a fourth season of VERONICA MARS. It’s like we’re getting Veronica Mars but with super powers! Who isn’t looking forward to watching Kristen Bell kick some serious butt!?

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  • Like I’ve said before. I’m not excited for Heroes to return per se, the finale was awful. All hype and build-up followed by a big let down.

    I am excited, however, for Masi Oka, Zachary Quinto, David Anders and Kristen Bell to return to my TV screen.

  • jo

    Fingers crossed she’s a villain. How awesome would that be?

  • VCAD

    its not wrong TV ADDICT, Im as excited as you! this is going to be awesome!

  • Heather

    While I’m excited that she’s going to be on the show this season, I’m not to thrilled by the picture; it’s just a plain head shot. And judging from her expression in it, she looks likes she’s experiencing some major pain in her jaw.

  • Josh

    I’m really hoping she’ll be a villain. That would be freakin’ incredible.

    I still can’t believe this is happening. My favorite actress joining my favorite show. It’s like this is happening just to take my mind off the loss of Veronica Mars. 🙂

  • Jake

    Are you sure this pic is from Heroes? It’s been on her IMDB profile for a while.

  • Amy

    I love her in Veronica mars too x she was awsume in heroes too x