Got Questions for a few HEROES?

heroes cast

Having just got off the phone with our favorite Canadian television network GLOBAL TV — have we got some exciting news to share!

Tomorrow, the TV Addict has just been invited to a HEROES press junket where I’ll have the fantastic opportunity to conduct five one-on-one interviews with HEREOS stars Zachary Quinto (Sylar), James Kyson Lee (Ando), Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah), Dania Ramirez (Maya) and executive producer Jeph Loeb.

Needless to say, I’d love to be prepared with some fantastic HEREOS questions. So post away and be sure to include who your question’s for.

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  • Ask James Kyson Lee what he thought about Kevin Smith wanting to do a Origins episode with Hiro & Ando as lovers, haha.

    Also, ask Zachary Quinto if he’ll go out with me.

  • Chris

    For Zach, what do you think of the fans who support Sylar, since they are in a way supporting a murderer?

  • Zachary: I asked this on Merrillwood and will ask it again. More time has passed and you’ve had more experience. “What is the best thing about being a celebrity and the worst?”

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  • Sheindie

    This question is addressed to Zach from SArmy member Sheindie:
    Which episode did you find most difficult to act and why?
    Which episode did you totally enjoy acting in and why?

  • Sheindie

    This question is addressed to James:
    What was your reaction to your character’s story arc in the online Graphic Novel?
    ..and, as an aside, did Lynne ever give you the magazine to autograph for me? (asked with a smile 🙂 )

  • Zach, I am a huge fan of yours, and I was just wondering if you’ve planned on doing any movies in the near future?
    Keep doing what your doing, I think you’re amazing

  • For zach:

    Hey zach, its mabes! Thought I’d bug you again. I was wondering if you have had time to visit our website yet? We will be selling the things you kindly autographed for us soon, so if not, you should stop by!

    Thank you!

  • For Zachary:what’s the most amazing thing you would do for a fan if the possibilites were endless? My other questions is can you tell me if Zachary is single?And if he is single dose he enjoy being single?

  • For all cast, really: Can you see yourself participating (in any capacity) in an independent movie? If you already have, which ones?

    Zachary Quinto: Please don’t cancel for next years UK convention, Eclipse 😉 The others: Please try to come 🙂

  • Epiphany

    Hey Zach,
    If you weren’t an actor,what job would you have?

    Love (Huge Fan Of Yours),

  • Lee Anne

    Dania: Will your character be on the show long? (hope so) You’ve done some filming… do you enjoy the character you are playing? What is it like working with this bunch of people?

  • Kat

    James: If Ando was the one with super powers and Hiro the normal friend, do you think the show would be different?

    Noah: Do you want to continue acting on TV all your life, or do you have other careers in mind?

    Zachary: What do you think of the Sarmy? Do you think Sylar should have a group of followers?

    Dania: Are you having fun working with the Heroes cast? Are they really as crazy(not in a bad way, in a fun way) as they seem to act in interviews and such?

  • Amber

    Zachary quinto first off is an amzing actor.
    Can you please ask him what he does
    to get into character.How long does it take for him
    to fully understand the character he’s about to play.
    Thank you so much.

  • Brandy

    Zach, is there a character on a show you haven’t been on that you would have liked to play? Are there any current shows you’d like to have a cameo on?

  • Keysha

    Zachary, Hey huge fan of yours since the 24 days and I think the work you’re doing as Sylar is top-notch. I’m part of the Sarmy fan group that is interested in helping out Give Life and other charities. My question is: what made you wanna get involved in the various organizations that you have helped out? Was there a certain person or event that inspired you to get active? I think that you set a really good example for people in and out of the spotlight to do what they can to make a difference.
    Thanks, Keysha

  • To Dania, was it hard to jump right into the swing of the show? Did you watch the show before you were cast?

    To James, will we continue to see more of Ando in season 2, now that him and Hiro have been seperated?

    To Zach, were you nervous about finding out where your character was being taken for season 2? Did they give you any sort of hints before you got the actual script?

    Thanks guys!

  • James: Being one of the few regular characters without a power. How does it feel knowing that if danger showed up you probably couldn’t defend yourself.

    Noah: Does it feel weird being the youngest cast member on the set?

    Dania: Being new this year, how are you fitting in with the heroes cast?

    Zachary: You are amazing! Your one of the actors who could pull off any part given to them. Your my real life hero. And because of that I just had to join your fanbase known as the Sarmy. I just wanted to know if you think Sylar could survive another season being the villian he is. Or do you think they have to kill him off because he’s a bad guy and bad guy always die.

    Thanks! Stephanie (maxii in the Sarmy)

  • keelin

    Dania: Is it was hard to jump into the swing of the show? Did you watch before you were casted?

    Ando: Will we still see more of Ando now that him and Hiro have been seperated?

    Zachary: Are you nervous about where they were taking his character for season 2?

  • Natalya

    For Zachary:Do you have any special plans for your future acting career?And if he is looking for love?

  • Sheindie

    one last question for Zach: What do you think of the SArmy AND Mrs. Sylars
    ‘Sylar’ dolls that you ‘met’ at the NYC World Tour? 🙂
    Sheindie ..oh, thanks so much for your birthday card and wishes. It made my day!