Enrique Iglesias how i met your mother

If you’re anything like this TV Addict, the odds are pretty good that you’re still holding onto the dream that Robin is indeed the ‘mother’ that Ted ends up with on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. And if that’s the case, you may wish to skip this post entirely.

Turns out Robin met someone over the summer, and the quick Ted/Robin reconciliation we were all hoping [nay, praying] for isn’t going to happen anytime soon. To discover which Grammy Award winning artist Robin’s dating, click the link below.

Enrique Iglesias how i met your mother

On the October 1 episode titled “We’re Not From Here,” Grammy Award-winning recording artist Enrique Iglesias guest stars as Gael, Robin’s new, sexy Argentinean lover. Oddly enough this is Iglesias second guest stint on a CBS sitcom, having guest starred last season on TWO AND A HALF MEN*

*Thanks for the tip Linda B.

Enrique Iglesias how i met your mother

Enrique Iglesias how i met your mother

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  • Linda B.

    Wow, first 2.5 Men last season (not that i was watching ;), now HIMYM. Does this guy have a contract w/ CBS Mondays or something?

  • ggny

    does anyone esle think he kinda looks like ted? esp in that 2nd picture where they are standing up

  • babygirrr

    I don’t know about the rest of you but the look on Marshall’s face has me cracking up. He and Barney are the only two reasons I watch this show! Marshall Rocks!

  • Rowr, he’s hot. 😀 lol

  • I love this show, especially the First Season!! Enrique Iglesias should be cool in the first 2 episodes of this season. His latest song “Tired Of Being Sorry” from the new album rocks!!

  • Enrique Iglesias

    Hey guys, yeah I’m really looking forward to this season, and hoping a lot of veiwers tune in to watch it 🙂

  • M.K.

    does anybody know the name of the song that enrique sang and played with guitar?

  • I. Aveytua

    The song is called “Alguien Soy Yo” by Enrique Iglesia’s and if you go to this web site it has a lot of the music from the episodes listed.

  • matt

    anyone know what brand of clothing gael is wearing?

  • olaa

    any thing you say him loved me..ilove you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mutsh are butefull thing in my my hero..i dont know how did i fall in love with you..i swer i love you for ever..takin back my love enrique..olaaa from syrian