How THE OFFICE Gang Spent Their Summer Vacation

Talk about a brilliant tease for the new season of THE OFFICE. The three minute clip has everything. The introduction of ‘Corporate’ Ryan. A bitter and resentful Kelly! Single Karen who in her own words was left, “crying by a fountain in New York City” (who knew Jim had it in him?). And the best news of all — a HAPPY, SMILING, SEXY PAM. Which is think everyone would agree is welcome change from last season’s depressed, angry and lonely Pam. Welcome back OFFICE denizens. Summer’s almost over, and we can’t wait (especially for ‘new’ Pam!)

Thanks to GMMR for the Tip!

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  • Josh

    Best promo ever. I can’t wait for this show to come back! I think I lied in the other post when I called Heroes my favorite show. This is also my favorite show.

    I’m excited to see the new Pam, and even more excited that we should be seeing more of the Jim and Pam interactions like we got in Season 2. That’s the one thing Season 3 was lacking.

  • Josh, I CANNOT believe you’re cheating on your favorite show. One day HEROES, the next day THE OFFICE. Do you not think HEROES is going to find out? Flaunting your love of THE OFFICE like this. Geez 🙂

  • *crickets chirping*


  • Trose


    Best part: Kelly. “Or, he seemed like a virgin”. Seems like she got a spine over the summer.