TV Addict to CBS: Bring Back OLD CHRISTINE

Yesterday’s news that SEINFELD alum Jason Alexander would be guest starring on THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE this season got us thinking. What is CBS thinking?

If you hoped to find Julia Louis-Dreyfus on CBS’ fall schedule this September, you’re out of luck. Like the character she plays on TV, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE has been traded in for a younger model.

Remember RULES OF ENGAGEMENT? That generic CBS sitcom that did well enough during its six episode try out last spring to warrant a spot on the fall schedule following TWO AND A HALF MEN. Well it’s back and has at least temporarily replaced OLD CHRISTINE in the lineup because it attracts a slightly younger demographic.

Is anyone else grasping the irony here? THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE — a show that chronicles the everyday struggles of Christine Campbell after she’s been replaced by ‘new Christine’ was just replaced by a younger skewing sitcom itself! Are you ready for another generic CBS laugher that simply fails to illicit the laughs?

NEW CHRISTINE gives us a brilliant [an Emmy winning] Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the world’s smartest sidekick in Wanda Sykes and two mean mommies who are so funny they deserve their own spinoff. On the other hand RULES OF ENGAGEMENT has David Spade and an upcoming Heather Locklear guest spot. Two things we’d usually be thrilled about, but not in place of OLD CHRISTINE.

After two seasons on the air you’d think CBS would have learned a little something from OLD CHRISTINE by now. Newer and younger doesn’t mean better and funnier.

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  • I LOVE Old Christine but my only thinking of the benefits of Christine in winter is that the fall will be so jam packed with new shows that will be beating each other up for audiences, that let them sort it out as some die off, THEN bring back Christine.

    uh. that way I have time to check out new shows and still watch all my Christine episodes. I know. its selfish.

    (cause I loved Chuck but realised. oh oh. its against How I Met Your Mother, plus I want to give Aliens in America a try (didn’t LOVE it but I liked it enough and I think it has a lot of room to grow).

    (And yes, I think Christine should be after How I Met Your Mother and not 2.5 men AND against Heroes)

  • Josh

    I don’t understand David Spade’s appeal. I can’t stand to watch anything he’s in.

    Old Christine isn’t too bad. I would’ve preferred The Class to return instead, but I would definitely rather see Christine instead of The Big Bang Theory.