Colbert Nation Invades Springfield

stephen colbert the simpsons

Put down your Americone Dream and prepare to be shocked and awed. After years of toiling away on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert (American Hero) has finally hit the big time!

On September 23 at 8PM — Colbert will join the small group of cultural and entertainment elite who have been forever immortalized on THE SIMPSONS. In the show’s nineteenth season premiere, Colbert will play a life coach who is hired by Homer to help him fulfill his life-long dream of owning a professional football team finding a job that offers the luxury of flying on a corporate jet.

We congratulate Mr. Colbert on his momentous achievement with the hope that this guest stint not only aids in expanding Colbert Nation, but helps to further raise ‘wrist awareness’ in America.

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    That is excellent. 😀