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With ABC FAMILY airing the KYLE XY summer season finale tonight at 8PM — we at theTVaddict.com thought it would be a cool idea to check in with Kyle himself Matt Dallas. Enjoy our ten questions with Matt Dallas and serious thanks to all the fans for their input and great questions.

With KYLE XY reaching the halfway point of its season tonight, what can fans expect when the show returns in January?
Matt Dallas
This half, Kyle really learned about his abilities and what he’s capable of. The second half of the season will really raise the bar in terms of stories, relationships and mystery.

Will Kyle be developing any new abilities next season?
The interesting thing about Kyle is that he’s always growing and developing. In the season’s second half, his abilities will grow more powerful. But more importantly, he’ll also discover a lot more about what Jessi’s capable of. We’ve seen Kyle do these amazing things, but you have to remember — Jessi was in ‘the pod’ longer. There’s a possibility she’s far more powerful!

Speaking of Jessi, there seems to be a love triangle developing between Kyle, Jessi and Amanda.
There’s definitely competition between Jessi and Amanda, but Kyle is such a pure character — and his attraction is really towards Amanda. Amanda is such a beautiful soul so it’s kind of hard for someone like Jessi to come in and mess with that.

Two beautiful girls fighting over you, tough job but somebody’s got to do it right?
[Laughs] I know! Both girls are so cool and have great chemistry with Kyle. It’s really fun to play scenes together. And Jaimie Alexander [the actress who plays Jessi] has been such a fantastic addition to the cast this season. She really was that missing puzzle piece that fit perfectly.

The highlight of KYLE XY for this TV Addict is the relationships between the characters. What are some of your favorite Kyle relationship?
I love playing scenes with every member of the Trager family. But Kyle’s relationship with Nicole is one of my favorites because it’s so different and unique. She’s trying to play a paternal role while he really wants to be a normal kid. Yet at the same time, they know it can’t be that way.

Kyle’s relationship with Tom Foss is so cool, because he’s mentoring Kyle. They have a strong relationship, and I think Foss cares for Kyle in a way he’ll never admit.

But Kyle aside, I love watching Josh and Andy scenes because they have such great chemistry together.

The TV Addict attended the San Diego Comic Con a couple weeks ago and was amazed at the number of fans swarming the KYLE XY booth. Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that the show would turn into such a hit?
I had no idea things would turn out like this. When I first signed on, I thought it would be small show on ABC Family. Yet KYLE XY really became the centre piece of the ABC Family re-brand.

How do you deal with showing up to a room of 4000 fans?
As we were about to go onstage, April turned to me and was like, “Oh my God, these people are all here for us, this is crazy.” And I’m thinking, “I know, can you believe it!” Comic Con is completely overwhelming but at the same time, so flattering. It’s so neat to feel that connection to the fans. Pretty much, the Comic Con panel was one of the most amazing experiences ever.

One of the things that attracted fans to KYLE XY initially was that eye-catching and slightly risque promotional poster. How surprised were you by the show’s advertising campaign?
Obviously I had no idea the poster would have such an affect. Yet it catches your eye and people know it even if they don’t know the show. It’s really so funny driving through LA and seeing yourself holding up your shirt. The poster did exactly what it was supposed to do — get people talking about the show.

Poster aside, a lot of KYLE XY’s subject matter has been surprisingly adult for ABC Family.
Creator Julie Plec really wants to touch on current events. When we were at Comic Con, so many parents came up and thanked us for making a show they can watch with their kids. Look at ‘Free to Be You and Me.’ [a recent episode] The episode asked why are same sex couples not okay when straight couples are. The episode sparked a lot of conversation and got parents talking to their kids, which is exactly what we strive to do.

Has KYLE XY been renewed for a third season yet?
I don’t know if there’s going to be a third season yet. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Assuming there is a third season — and odds are good that there will be — what challenges would you like to see Kyle face in the future?
Now that he knows who he is and his purpose, I’d like to see Kyle touch the world. Start doing things that are meaningful. Have Kyle really help people and change them, use his abilities for something bigger than simply saving a cat from a tree.

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  • something tells me matt dallas doesn’t care too much about being in the middle of a hetero love triangle…

  • Stella

    I was going to say the same thing, Tim G.

  • I like the chemistry between Kyle & Declan.

  • alexa

    Thanks for this interview. It’s the perfect summer show, alonside Psych. But you are all right – Mat does give out this gay vibe. All the really cute once are taken by the opposite sex 🙁

  • anna

    I want third season.. !!!