First Look: Scott Patterson in ALIENS IN AMERICA

scott patterson aliens in america

Attention GILMORE GIRLS fans, we’ve got some great news for you! That happy ending you always dreamed of — you know the one where Scott Patterson is happily married with a loving family — well it came true. The catch, Luke isn’t married to Lorelai and we’re definitely not in Stars Hollow anymore [although that green collared shirt still screams ‘Luke’ if you ask us, assuming it wasn’t tucked in!]

That said, Patterson is still on the CW and ALIENS IN AMERICA is perhaps the funniest and most original comedy the CW’s ever produced. Click the link below for more great pics and be sure to tune into ALIENS premiere this October 1 on the CW.

scott patterson aliens in america

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  • CC

    Did they have to reshoot the entire pilot parts with the father in it? That seems like such a waste. I saw the pilot online and it was great. I like Scott Patterson and all but he really didn’t need to have this role, the actor originally playing the father was fine. I dont know what Scott will bring to it, but I hope it’s not the awkward looks or whatever. The original actually made it funny.

  • Rae

    I just can’t see Scott in this role. I liked the original father and felt like he fit right in with the quirkly little family. Maybe I’ve just never seen Scott’s full range of acting ability and he’ll blow me away but I’m a bit skeptical about that at the moment.

  • i guess the reason they casted Scott is to get some viewers especially the ones suffering from GILMORE GIRLS withdrawal

    but i think the show is funny but in danger of early cancellation

  • Josephine

    I really don’t know why, but i’m still not getting used to see Scott in AiA. i really miss ‘Luke’

  • I heard that Scott signed for a contract with Warner Bros. that guaranteed him a role in one of their productions or something like that.

  • gigi

    Scott is great in comedy from what I have seen in Gilmore Girls. I think he will bring in his own charm to this character as he did in Gilmore. Although I miss Luke so much, I’m glad Scott is still on my TV.