Your Definitive Guide to the Fall 2007 TV Season Premieres

In an effort to make your life a little easier, has compiled the Definitive Guide to Fall’s Season Premieres — complete with premiere dates, networks, times and the obligatory ‘witty’ commentary. Simply click the link below to check it out. Or just remember this — The TV Addict’s Fall 2007 Must Watch New Shows include PUSHING DAISIES, CHUCK, GOSSIP GIRL, REAPER, BIONIC WOMAN, ALIENS IN AMERICA and DEXTER [because it’s just that good!]


Date Network Show Time theTVaddict says:
Mon. Sept. 17 NBC DEAL OR NO DEAL 8-9PM To those who say Celine Dion is Canada’s most annoying export, this TV Addict says, "Have you met Howie Mandell?"
FOX and GLOBAL TV in Canada PRISON BREAK 8-9PM Just when you thought PRISON BREAK couldn’t get anymore ludicrous… get ready for season three.
FOX K-VILLE 9-10PM Most definitely not brought to you by the good folks at the New Orleans Bureau of Tourism
Tues. Sept. 18 CW BEAUTY & THE GEEK 8-9PM

We miss Stars Hollow already.

Wed. Sept. 19 FOX and GLOBAL TV in Canada BACK TO YOU 8-8:30PM

Kelsey Grammer returns to that place where everybody knows his name — and by that place we mean ‘TV’. Bet you thought we were going to say CHEERS didn’t you? Didn’t you!

FOX and GLOBAL TV in Canada ‘TIL DEATH 8:30 – 9PM ‘TIL DEATH — also known as — how we feel when we watch this show.
FOX KITCHEN NIGHTMARES 9PM-10PM We’d say something negative about yet another FOX reality TV offering, but frankly we’re scared of Chef Gordon Ramsay
CW AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL 8-9PM Let’s hope the contestants are smarter than Miss South Carolina.
CW GOSSIP GIRL 9-10PM OMG! We like totally can’t wait to live vicariously through twenty-six year olds playing high school students. No seriously, our inner thirteen year old girl is going suffering through withdrawl since the cancellation of THE OC.
CBS KID NATION 8-10PM Perhaps you’ve heard about it! Investigations! Angry Parents! The end of reality TV! We can’t wait!
Thur. Sept. 20 CBS SURVIVOR and Global TV in Canada 8-10PM

SURVIVOR CHINA! For your first challenge, guess which of these children’s toys contain lead paint.

Sun. Sept. 23 CBS 60 MINUTES 7-8PM

Still too young to tune in.

CBS VIVA LAUGHLIN 8-9PM A musical drama comedy hybrid set in Las Vegas. Place your bets… how many episodes until it’s cancelled?
CBS COLD CASE 9-10PM Five seasons in, never seen an episode.
CBS and GLOBAL TV in Canada SHARK 10-11PM Star Trek Nerd Alert: We love Jeri Ryan.
FOX and GLOBAL TV in Canada THE SIMPSONS 8-8:30PM Just for fun, how about a costume change this season. Blue pants and shorts are so 1990.
FOX and GLOBAL TV in Canada KING OF THE HILL 8:30-9PM Why isn’t this show cancelled? Oh wait, it already was! So why is it back on the air?
FOX and GLOBAL TV in Canada FAMILY GUY 9-10PM Another FOX gem brought back from the dead! Can someone please hire theTVaddict to run FOX.
CW ONLINE NATION 8:30-9PM It’s called YouTube.
CW LIFE IS WILD 8-9PM We’re WILD about this show (get it!) No really, it stars Stephanie Niznik (Nina from EVERWOOD) — thus a MUST WATCH.
Mon. Sept. 24 CBS HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER 8-8:30PM

Our favorite CBS program is back. And we have a feeling, this season’s going to be LEGEN… (wait for it)… DARY!

CBS THE BIG BANG THEORY 8:30-9PM Now I know what you’re thinking. From the ‘guys who brought you TWO AND A HALF MEN’ doesn’t exactly scream ‘funny.’ But give the show at least one chance. Kaley Cuoco rocks.
CBS TWO AND A HALF MEN 9-9:30PM Any chance the CSI scribes will ‘off’ these MEN when they write an episode this season?
CBS RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 9:30-10PM Rule #1… to quote Homer Simpson, “be more funny.”
CBS CSI: MIAMI 10-11PM And just like that, CBS’s night of funny comes to a screeching halt.
NBC CHUCK 8-9PM Meet Chuck, or, as I like to think of him — the TV Addict if he had his own show.
NBC and GLOBAL TV in Canada HEROES 9-10PM Perhaps you’ve heard about it. This little known show, NBC rarely talks about it. Oh who are we kidding. Kristen Bell, David Anders… we’re counting down the days.
NBC and Global TV in Canada JOURNEYMAN 10-11PM Flawless pilot with one big problem — you need to be a PhD to keep track of the story — or at the very least be smarter than a fifth grader.

Three words: Go Jennie Go!

ABC THE BACHELOR 9-10PM THE BACHELOR could learn a little something from DANCING WITH THE STARS. If you want the TV Addict to get excited, cast a 90210 Alum. Free advice for next season: Meet Ian Ziering the bachelor?
ABC BOSTON LEGAL 10PM Wanna bet William Shatner does something wacky?

Another CBS show we’ve never seen.

THE UNIT 9-10PM See above!
CBS and GLOBAL TV in Canada CANE 10-11PM Yes, we’re slightly bitter Jimmy Smitts isn’t starring in THE WEST WING: TNG — that said, CANE’s pilot was pretty damn sweet. (Pun indented. You’ll get it when you see the pilot)
NBC LAW & ORDER SVU 10-11PM This season’s special victim — the cast of LAW & ORDER CRIMINAL INTENT. Demoted to the USA Network, ouch!
CW REAPER 9-10PM Produced and Directed by Kevin Smith. ‘Nuff said.
Wed. Sept. 26 FOX and GLOBAL TV in Canada BONES 8-9PM Tip of the Week: Want to ensure your bones are never broken? Don’t ask star David Boreanaz about ANGEL.
FOX and GLOBAL TV in Canada HOUSE 9-10PM Does anyone else find it odd that AMERICA’S favorite doctor is British!

How’s this for brilliant ABC sweeps stunt — four words: Isaiah Washington Guest Spot!

ABC DIRTY SEXY MONEY 10-11PM Three words: We Can’t Wait!
CBS CRIMINAL MINDS 8-9PM So excited for Mandy Patinkin’s return to TV!… What’s that… what HAPPENED? oh uh…
CBS CSI: NY 9-10PM How long until LOST returns?
NBC BIONIC WOMAN 9-10PM Michelle Ryan vs. Katee Sackhoff… cue nerd orgasm.
NBC and GLOBAL TV in Canada LIFE 10-11PM Good show, bad title.
Thur. Sept. 27 ABC UGLY BETTY 8-9PM

The return of UGLY BETTY means the return of the Marc & Amanda podcast. Could we love Becki Newton and Michael Urie any more?


Down with Gizzie! Who’s with us?


Or as they’re calling it within the confines of ABC headquarters — BIG Re-Writes!


I’ve officially run out of witty filler for all the generic CBS procedurals that I simply don’t watch.

CBS WITHOUT A TRACE 10-11PM See above.
NBC MY NAME IS EARL 8-8:30PM I know I’m supposed to like this show, I just don’t.
NBC THE OFFICE 9-10PM Pam’s 30% more fun! We’re 30% more excited for the new season
NBC ER 10-11PM Let us know if you think should jump back on the bandwagon for ER’s final season.
CW SMALLVILLE 8-9PM The addition of SuperGirl proves yet again that SMALLVILLE’S officially run out of ideas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Fri. Sept. 28 CBS GHOST WHISPERER 8-9PM Honestly, who watches this show?
CBS MOONLIGHT 9-10PM Ever wonder what Logan Echolls would have been like as a Vampire. Wonder no more.
CBS and GLOBAL TV in Canada NUMB3RS 10-11PM Bringing Sexy Math Back!
NBC and GLOBAL TV in Canada LAS VEGAS 10PM Not to be confused with VIVA LAUGHLIN. Really. There’s no singing in this LAS VEGAS, we promise.

Who do I have to pay to get Ty and the gang over to my place?


Raise you hand if you think Edie’s really dead! Oh, you’re the one!

ABC BROTHERS & SISTERS 10-11PM Sponsored by the America’s Vineyards

DEXTER 9-10PM We have a feeling Sgt. Doakes is in for a world of hurt. Nobody messes with our boy Dexter.

BROTHERHOOD 10-11PM Still going through SOPRANOS withdrawl? Showtime has the cure. Introducing BROTHERHOOD — it’s THE SOPRANOS with an Irish twist.

Especially this woman.

CW ALIENS IN AMERICA 8:30-9PM A genuinely funny show on the CW network? Perhaps we have been taken over by aliens.
CW GIRLFRIENDS 9-9:30PM While we’re sure something exciting happens, we just don’t care.
CW THE GAME 9:30-10PM The Game: Find someone who watches this show.
Tues. Oct. 2 ABC CAVEMAN 8-8:30PM

No really, ABC is actually going through with this.

CARPOOLERS 8:30-9PM As much as we’d like to say something positive about this show, we can’t. Why? Because ABC remains the only network that doesn’t send screeners (and yes, we’re bitter!)
Wed. Oct. 3 ABC PUSHING DAISIES 10-11PM Set your PVR to Season’s Pass. PUSHING DAISIES is the MUST WATCH show of the season.
Thur. Oct. 4 NBC 30 ROCK 8-8:30PM Jerry Seinfeld returns to TV in the 30 ROCK season premiere. Which means you officially have no excuse not to tune into last season’s funniest new show.
CW SUPERNATURAL 9-10PM Question for SUPERNATURAL fans. Would you love the show as much if the stars looked like this?
Fri. Oct. 5 NBC FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS 9-10PM The confusion is finally over. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS airs on Friday. Tune in.
Fri. Oct. 12 ABC WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB 9-10PM Or as ABC should be calling it — really ANGRY housewives.

Turns out MEN IN TREES wasn’t cancelled last year. Here’s hoping ABC treats it a little better this season.

Mon. Oct. 15 ABC SAMANTHA WHO? 9:30-10PM Christina Applegate gets ready to discover if the curse of JESSE’s worn off?
Thur. Oct. 25 NBC SCRUBS 9:30-10PM Eighteen episodes and counting. Enjoy them while they last. No really, that wasn’t meant to be sarcastic. Really do enjoy them, because once they’re gone — all we’ll be left with is reruns.

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  • kevin

    is this really ER’s last season?

  • Anthony

    That is awesome, I was just about to go look for this info. Thanks!

  • JennyC

    Thanks for the organized info! So many shows to watch. Dexter, Ugly Betty, Heroes, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, The Office, 30 Rock, and more! Oy!

  • big D

    The Unit, really? I love that show, try watching a couple eps at least 🙂

  • I still believe Cavemen is some big elaborate joke ABC is going to pull on us. I mean, they are the same network to give us Ugly Betty, Bro and Sis, Lost and the brilliant Pushing Daisies, is this like a counter balance thing?

    Meanwhile, I REALLY tried to like Bionic Woman but so far I came out with a big… meh… (especially after they recast Mae Whitman though I haven’t seen the new version so maybe Im wrong).

  • Jefferson

    Not to correct, but Pushing Daisies is premiering on 10/3 not 9/26

  • Jefferson, my apologies for the screw up. The correction has been made.

    big D — nothing against THE UNIT really — but there’s only so many hours in the day!

    Vance — While the BIONIC WOMAN pilot wasn’t perfect, I have absolute faith in David Eick (BSG) and Jason Smilovic (KIDNAPPED).

  • Spiffy new banner. Me likey!

    Now put those web design abilities to good use! *wink wink, nudge nudge*

  • kristy

    So where is One Tree Hill on the CW? I know it’s coming back because Kevin Federline is making a guest spot, yay! Gotta love K-Fed.

  • Chili

    What about the FX shows? Nip/Tuck? Dirt?

  • Elizabeth

    Don’t forget about the Premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. My husband checks everyday to make sure they’re scheduled to record. Funny stuff.

  • Great list!

    One addition: Law and Order: CI’s debut is on October 4 (on USA).

  • heimy

    what about nip/tuck??

  • mana

    Sept. 17: Prison Break! This show bugs me. How annoying is it that the show isn’t all that great but still manages to pull you in with suspense, intrigue and a cool visual style? I don’t want to watch but I know I’m going to.

    Sept. 19: Gossip Girl! I’m considering this show… Not sure it’s worth the bother but wehre else will I get my teen-show fix? The OC season one proved that teen-shows can work but I haven’t found any since.

    Sept. 24: Heroes! Will watch the first few episodes, will get bored, will stop watching. Unless it pulls a Prison Break and keeps me hooked with suspense or just generally improves as a show… the coloring is a kepper, though, nice look.

    Oct. 3: Pushing Daisies! Heard nothing but great things about this one. Can’t wait to give it a try!

    Oct. 4: Supernatural!

    “Question for SUPERNATURAL fans. Would you love the show as much if the stars looked like this?” – If the characters were the same then: yes. Of course it could be argued that especially Dean as character would have been way different had he had less the perfect face. Being a lady-killer horndog is a big part of who he is as a character after all.

    The boys’ good looks are only a bonus. It may help some people tune in at first (yes the world is shallow) but good looks won’t work alone. It helps, I won’t lie, but it isn’t overly important (I love FNL and I don’t think any of those boys are hot… they have charm but good looking they are not). To keep watching you need good well-rounded characters, character development, on screen chemistry, good/fair acting, somewhat realistic and well thought out storylines, good writing and fair visuals. If a show manages to combine all these things then there’s something to watch for. I think Supernatural has done well in that regard. Got a rocking soundtrack too.

    Supernatural is my favourite show (it’s not perfect TV and it’s probably not even great but it’s enjoyable and has a lot of things going for it and that’s enough) and I can’t wait to see it return Oct. 4… I only wish more people would tune in because a fourth season is looking grim.

    Oct. 5: Friday Night Lights! Best damn show on television right now… dripping with realism, fantastic writing, wonderful and sympathetic characters portrayed by powerful down to earth actors. I hope the second season will prove as good as the first and that people will give it shot. Won’t regret it that’s for sure.

    My show premieres are nicely spread out it would seem… although I do wish my favorites were the ones to return sooner rather than later (Supernatural and Friday Night Lights). Alas, I’ll have to make do with the other stuff till then.

    Thanks for the list!

  • Jo

    I’ve read a couple places (like The Futon Critic & that ‘Viva Laughlin’ will be previewed after ‘CSI’ on Oct. 18, with it’s time-slot premiere on the 21st.

    And ABC has ‘Dancing With The Stars’ premiering on the 24th (Night 1) with the 25th being ‘Night 2’ and the 26th being ‘Results’.

    Somewhat OT, but is anyone else having problems getting on I keep getting a ‘You don’t have permission to access’ message.

  • oy, let the annual Supernatural over-hyping begin.

    I swear, some of these fan girls are even more hardcore than Whedonites!

  • NikkiHolly

    yeah, i probably would love the Winchesters just as much if they looked like that. I think the show is completely awesome, and the only network tv show that has ever actually frightened me (granted, not every week, but still, I don’t usually get scared of anything on network tv). That’s a major accomplishment. The show alone is an awesome tv show, and i can’t wait for it to come back.

  • Kalie

    There’s no need to over-hype Supernatural. It’s a clever, well-written and well-acted show that stands on its own.

  • ewanspotter

    Wow, hiatus was not kind of Sam and Dean Winchester. *shakes head*

    You’re truly missing out with NCIS, man. It’s not just another procedural drama (looks like it, sure, but it’s not). Unlike the CSI shows that take themselves waaaay too seriously, NCIS is more about the characters than the plots. Yeah, plots are important, but it’s how the team (the bunch of weirdos that they are) deal with the situation. It’s a hoot, and yet can still be serious when it needs to be.

  • “Or as ABC should be calling it — really ANGRY housewives.”

    Nah, Women’s Murder Club isn’t about housewives at all. Dork. 😛 All of the women have jobs outside the home and most aren’t wives at all. lol

  • allie

    Question for SUPERNATURAL fans. Would you love the show as much if the stars looked like this?”

    If Jensen wasn’t in it I wouldn’t watch it. Not just because he is HOT, but because he pulls off the cheeky character and ALWAYS makes me laugh. I simply can’t imagine another actor having his magnitism or charisma. I think he plays the character so well because he is a fun and cheeky guy in real life, so it just works. [Michaely Weatherly has a similarly entertaining character in NCIS and is one of the main reasons why I watch that show.]

    I’m thrilled Dexter is no longer hidden away in the summer season. I just hope it doesn’t get lost amongst the crowd…

  • Im waiting for prison break, house , Dexter, and Heroes.

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  • aldo

    What about battlestar galactica?

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  • Barbara

    I’m waiting for Lost and Crossing Jordan

  • Jonathan

    BSG comes out in Jan/Feb 2008
    Lost in Fen 2008.

    Cant we just skip this “fall season” and get right to the best shows on TV!?

    Oh wait… my DVR is ALREADY clearing space for all of the above (esp Dexter, Daisies, Dirty, Chuck, Heroes, Betty, DH’s stab at season 4). Dammit! TV you will rue the day…

  • Carrie

    Okay, the Supernatural thing with the picture is pretty funny, but I don’t think it’s fair to suggest that the main reason the fans watch the show is to ogle the male stars. They’re not just good-looking, they’re also talented and the show doesn’t exploit their looks. Not every person who watches is a 15 year-old girl. Also, is there any show on TV that doesn’t have an attractive cast??

  • Gary


    Love the fact that all the programs i love are returning. Grey’s, Prison Break, Betty, DH, Lost, Heroes, Brothers and Sisters, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, How I met Your Mother, Shark, Earl and Boston Legal. But cant wait for Private Practice, Bionic Woman, and Dirty Sexy Money. Unfortunately as i am from Australia i wont be seeing most of these until 2008, except for Heroes and Prison Break which are returning the same time as you guys YAY!

    Anyway I want Crossing Jordan to return. Shame on you NBC for leaving us with questions at the end of the Series Finale. All we want is closure, sure it ended with them being rescued but what happened next? Seriously give us a proper ending. BTW Crossing Jordan is a hit in Australia.

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  • gagenjammer

    NCIS rocks gotta love Abbey?

  • Kate

    Wondering about the FX shows and things like SciFi channel stuff, but I’m guessing this is just main network things, alas. I’ll have to hunt that out for myself. But really, having this list is going to be SUCH a lifesaver!

    And re: Supernatural… well, I’m a lesbian, so, um, the boys being pretty doesn’t really appeal to me or not, lol. I just love the characters, Dean especially, the snarky bastard.

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  • spirit

    Is anyone else as fed up with reality shows as I am? ….please folks enough. I pray for some real entertainment. And no Crossing Jordan.. Sacrilege. Those writers are talented. Alas, and we’re actually paying our cable company to be bored. Time to turn it all off and read a book.

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  • Joanne Lap

    Love the comments……………..too bad the big guys don’t get it……

    TV just keeps going up in cost not in good publications………….

    Thanks for the humor

  • CW Fan

    Ok, I don’t see Smallville on there. Where is the show at?

  • Dawn

    Are we friggin lab rats?

  • CSI Fan

    Thanks for the schedule info, didn’t need your lame comments tho.

  • FOX Fan

    Love Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, and will probably love Reaper as well. Guess you can tell what I like?

    So sad that Veronica Mars was pulled. Loved that show too. Especially now that her dad was more into the script.

    I agree – what about Nip/Tuck Hollywood and Dirt? LOVE both of those.. It’s good to be a grownup when you watch these…

  • Dwayne

    Thanks for the info… when does LOST start? Nothing on their web site. My wife and I are going to miss Veronica Mars this year. thanks.

  • Dwayne, LOST isn’t returning until February 2008 (date still to be confirmed, but my guess the start of February).

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  • So glad that Men in Trees is returning. Love that show.

  • Barb P.

    I think that you’re missing the label for Wednesday, September 26th – I’m pretty sure that Private Practice, Criminal Minds and CSI NY are all on a Wednesday night, not Tuesday. But otherwise, thanks a ton for all the information! I’m making my initial to-watch schedule now! 🙂

  • jack

    Thanks for all the work! Perfect!

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  • Gary, it could have been worse: At least the Crossing Jordan crew wasn’t still plane-wrecked when the season (and the series) ended.

    Given the abruptness of the rescue, I wonder whether the original plan WAS to leave them stranded at season’s end, with a new ending added once they realized renewal was unlikely.

  • Erin

    I would go over and double check your show times again. You’re a bit off on a couple of shows…

  • Elaine

    Can’t you just provide the info without the comments? You know the old saying, “Opinions are like…..”