Guess the Cover: EW’s Fall TV Preview

It probably won’t come as much as a surprise to you that the TV Addict’s favorite magazine is Entertainment Weekly. And with the Fall TV Season nearly upon us, a little game I like to play is ‘guess the cover’ of my favorite issue — EW’s Fall TV Preview.

First off,’s non-existent crack research staff has done a little digging and come up with an interesting theory. It turns out that EW’s Fall TV Preview cover traditionally falls into one of two categories. It either highlights one of the fall’s most buzzed about new show or rewards the previous season’s ‘it’ show.

Now I know what you’re thinking, gracing the cover of EW’s Fall TV Preview has to be quite the coup for any show hoping to expand its audience. Well there my friends is where you’d be wrong. Take a look at the last six covers — JOEY, MISS MATCH and TITANS — where are they now? Luckily, EW seems to pick the right horse fifty percent of the time, thanks to buzz-worthy covers featuring LOST, BUFFY and ALIAS.

Of course this begs the question, which show are you picking for this year’s Fall TV preview cover? Will EW choose a sophomore hit like UGLY BETTY, BROTHERS & SISTERS or HEROES? Or decide to curse highlight one of the fall’s most buzzed about new shows such as PUSHING DAISIES, BIONIC WOMAN or GOSSIP GIRL. Post away with your predictions.

UPDATE: Just for the record, my guess for cover girl is UGLY BETTY. HEROES has had three covers over the past year (and will most likely get their own cover leading up to the premiere) and PUSHING DAISIES isn’t mainstream enough to sell on the newstand.

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  • Rae

    Hmmm, I’m gonna say PUSHING DAISIES but only because that’s who I want to get it.

  • Rae — but what about the EW CURSE™ Theory that I’ve started right here! Do you really want to see DAISIES go the way of MISS MATCH, JOEY and TITANS?

  • Rae

    Haha… No, but I’m not sure about that curse theory holds up for those shows. Let’s face it, MISS MATCH and JOEY sucked. The EW cover can’t be blamed for that!!

  • Rae — Oh No You Didn’t!

    MISS MATCH was fantastic. Alicia Silverstone was completely adorable, and the show was incrediblye well written by Darren Star (SEX AND THE CITY, MELROSE PLACE) and featured fantastic cast and revolving door of guest actors including Nathon Fillion, Bradley Cooper, Charisma Carpenter, Dina Meyer and much much more.

    Also, JOEY did not suck. It was simply not FRIENDS. But it also was far funnier than say, ACCORDING TO JIM.

  • Miss Match was indeed a wonderful show. Very, very cute. And Joey is far from the stinker most say, although it didn’t hold a candle to Friends. They should have spun-off Jennifer Coolidge’s agent character into HER own show. That would be entertaining.

    As far as the cover this year, I’m pretty sure it’ll end up being Zachary Quinto, Milo Ventimiglia or Masi Oka.

  • Here’s to hoping it’s PUSHING DAISIES!! But is it perhaps, CHUCK?

  • Is the scan you provided the actual magazine cover? If so, then we know it’s not my previous guesses of Pushing Daisies or Chuck because it looks to be a woman. I really hope it’s not Bionic Woman. I liked that show, I did, but there are other shows who had strong pilots and should be rewarded before BW.

  • Holy GMMR: CSI BOSTON!!!

    Actually, the cover in the middle is just something I made up. But yes, you are truly a genius. The original photo I used is Calista Flockhart from BROTHERS & SISTERS!

  • the-ggod-shepherd

    I’m with Tim G., i think it will be definetly HEROES that will be on EW’s Cover this year, Zachary, Milo and Masi are most likely but maybe they will surprise us and put Hayden Pannetiere on the Cover 😉
    As for a new Show, the most likely Show to be on the Cover is PUSHING DAISIES, I’d rather prefer REAPER or BIONIC WOMAN but let’s face it: that won’t happen

  • Rae

    Hmmm, I dunno if I can concede this point. ‘Joey’ had its moments but my point was that it was given plenty of time to make it so its failure to succeed can’t be blamed on getting the EW cover.

    As for ‘Miss Match’, we’ll just have to agree to disagree because, guest actors aside, it failed to be a match for me (and, apparently, the ratings).

    Either way, Tim G is probably right… ‘Heroes’ probably pulls the bigger buzz so it’ll most likely get the cover.

  • Linda B.

    I’m glad to see other people liked Miss Match too. I thought that was a great show! Don’t think it was given much of a chance, and it was aired against the big hit of that season – Joan of Arcadia (which seemed to fall flat after 2 years).

    My guesses for the cover are Pushing Daisies or Heroes, but i think it will be the latter. There’s alot of hype over Heroes right now. Hopefully it won’t suffer the sophmore slump.

  • Chip

    they just had hayden on the cover this summer with a fall tv special. it probably won’t be heroes again. maybe ugly betty would be a good guess. who knows.

  • In a perfect world, I’d like to see the Dillon Panthers and friends on the cover. Can you imagine how perfect Kyle Chandler would be? Sigh….

    I’ll go with Ugly Betty or Heroes…

  • Shannon

    It’d be nice to see Friday Night Lights make the cover, but its never gonna happen so, I’m gonna go with Ugly Betty on this one. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice took the cover. As for Heroes its been everywhere recently and has been put on the cover of EW several times before, so I don’t think its gonna get the cover here. I hope its not Bionic Woman, sorry but of the new show I’d like to see Chuck or Pushing Daisies make the cover, I think those 2 new shows look like the most fun!

  • Im going to side with TVaddict on this one and go with Ugly Betty.

    Chuck and Pushing Daisies are still too new and with no real recognizable stars while Heroes had too many covers of late. FNL would be awesome but again, not big enough still.

    Meanwhile, I thought Miss Match was cute too and Joey wasnt TERRIBLE, just not Friends and suffered the case of highexpectationitis.

    My fall back guess would be Private Practice because it’s a new show with an established TV character and they get their Grey’s Anatomy cover as well.

  • As a new Friday Night Lights convert (just finished S1 last night), I’d love to see Kyle Chandler & Connie Britton or some of the boys on the cover. I doubt it will happen though, the show isn’t “edgy” enough.

    Does anyone else feel that NBC should move FNL from Friday at 9 to something like Sundays at 7 before their Sunday Night Football coverage? FNL feels like a show that would work well on Sunday nights, especially at 7 when nothing else is on, when families can all watch together.

  • Mel

    For some reason I think it will be The Office if they go with a previous show and definately Bionic Woman if its a new show. Have you seen the outfit they have her in? Talk about ‘newsstand appeal’ . . . . I can’t decide.

    Of course, what I’d like to see on the cover is Supernatural — but not if it means the show getting cursed. LOL
    Although, if anybody would know how to deal with a curse — it’s those Winchester boys.

  • Sheindie

    Heroes again and with Zachary Quinto .. we need a guy..too many gals have gone before.

  • In a perfect world the EW cover would be Heroes…with Kristen Bell. Otherwise, I’d keep my eye on any ABC show, especially after this:

  • Natalie

    I think Private Practice…but I hope its not them or any of them (just Kate Walsh) BORING! I hope its Pushing Daises or The Office or FNL but I think they may make a predictable choice!

  • I would have to go for The Office, as well. It truly has to be the most anticipated season premiere of all the other shows (other than Lost, but that doesn’t premiere until next year).

  • ewanspotter

    I vote for Grey’s Anatomy, because even EW wants to make money. And when they DO put Grey’s on the cover? A little part of my soul will die.

  • Well, Natalie and Shannon were right! It’s Addy. Kate Walsh from Private Practice/Grey’s Anatomy gets the cover… guess it kills two birds with one stone for EW doesn’t it?

  • Vance…. I’m going to need some photographic proof 🙂

  • Elizabeth
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