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Hoping to squeeze every last dollar from the concluding BATTLESTAR GALACTICA franchise, rumours are swirling online that SCI FI may delay the second half of BSG’s final season until 2009. For a more informed take on the rumours, check out SyFy’s interview with GALACTICA producer David Weddle [click for more]

After failing to strike a deal with Apple, NBC Universal has made the bone-headed decision to bite the hand that feeds them to form an alliance with Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon’s UnBox service doesn’t work with Macs or iPods. Which begs the question, who’s in charge of this negotiation — 30 ROCK’s Jack Donaghy? [click for more]

Kevin Smith will not be directing an episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA this season. While those ‘in the know’ sight scheduling conflicts — we have a feeling what really ended his involvement was the story-line he had planned for Baltar and Gaeta! For all the scoop, check out SyFy’s story. [click for more]

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