Random Musing for a Friday

Researches in New Zealand have discovered that young children who watch more than a couple of hours of television a day are more likely to have attention problems as adolescents… well d’uh…. Changing the subject, is anyone else convinced that Ausiello’s report that Sarah Wayne Callies isn’t returning for PRISON BREAK’s third season a foiler? This TV Addict’s opinion, we’ll see her near the end of the season. There’s no way PRISON BREAK is going to end two years of growing sexual tension between Michael and Sara with absolutely no pay off…. $10,000 VMA gift bag for nominees and presenters? Disgusting! Like Britney Spears doesn’t have enough. How about MTV forgets the gift bags and gives the money to charity… This week’s celeb who proves she isn’t smarter than a fifth grader — Vanessa Hudgens. Also falling into the same category, Hudgen’s rep. Why on earth would you CONFIRM the pic is real? And finally, the TV Addict is sad. My copy of EW’s Fall TV Preview didn’t arrive in my mailbox today. I’ll keep you posted if I cave and buy the issue… And yes, I know what you’re thinking, my life is just THAT exciting. Hmmm… perhaps there is something to this New Zealand study.

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  • Josh

    I believe that Sarah Wayne Callies is gone from Prison Break this season, since I’m betting this whole Sona storyline will last for a while. It’s just that they have no use for her right now. I think you’re right that she’ll be back at the end of the season.

  • Common Sense

    Personally, I think Prison Break intended to get rid of Sarah before LAST season, but the fan outcry changed their minds. As a devoted watcher, I want her back on the show. Sheesh, it’s all so convoluted, anyway…they’re lucky any sane person watches. However, she added that element of obsessive romance for Michael.

    Also, everytime I hear of another nutjob celeb’s nude pics or sex vid “mysteriously released,” I now believe it’s been done intentionally by the stars and their “press agent.” What better (or more sadly ridiculous) way to get your name on the nation’s tongues? Of course, flash your McGuffies for all the little boys. Not that I respected her before this, but Hudgens has now slipped into Parisite Hilton territory. (And wil someone tell her BF Zac to stop saying “Yeah, man…” so much in every interview. He sounds like an idiot.)

  • Common Sense… It’s been forever since you’ve posted! Welcome Back!