Emmy Picks 2007: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama

In anticipation of Sunday’s 2007 EMMY AWARDS, theTVaddict.com crew is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things turn out] to present our 2007 Guaranteed Emmy Winners [not really guaranteed!]. Check beck all week long, as new categories are added.

Agree with our picks? disagree completely? Think we take TV a little too seriously! Post your comments below. And don’t forget to return to theTVaddict.com on Sunday for our Live Blogging Emmy Party!

Nominees (L to R):Rachel Griffiths, Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson, Aida Turturro and Lorraine Bracco

theTVaddict Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Rachel Griffiths
My theory: The multiple GREY’S ANATOMY doctors and SOPRANOS actors will simply cancel each other out.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Rachel Griffiths
All of GREY’S buzzworthy drama unfortunately happened off camera last season.

Who Was Snubbed: Connie Britton
Brought sexy back to the working class mom.

Amrie Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Sandra Oh
For that finale scene where she had Meredith help her out of the dress. Heart breaking. Even though the show wasn’t as intriguing as it should have been all year, that scene sold it for me.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Too close to call
I’m thinking one of The Sopranos ladies will take it. Or Rachel Griffiths for her previous work on Six Feet Under.

Who Was Snubbed: Connie Britton
She is pitch perfect. No one else owned it like Tami Taylor did. Love her!

Jenny Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Lorraine Bracco
Okay, honestly, I have no idea… hehehe

Who I HOPE Will Win: Chandra Wilson or Sandra Oh
Bailey is my favorite female character (and close 2nd behind McDreamy for favorite character of all) but Sandra’s performance in the season finale was heart-wrenching and Emmy worthy

Who Was Snubbed: Nobody
Great nominations all around!

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  • h

    I don’t watch any of the shows these women were on. The person who deserves the award is Elizabeth Mitchell for LOST. Connie Britton to me is a lead on FNL, and she deserves to win that award. The Emmy process is a joke. TV runs for a season and should be judged on a season basis not an episode basis. I will look the next morning to see who won, but I will NOT watch the Emmys.

  • Elizabeth Mitchell.

    What? What do you mean she’s not nominated?!

    You mean to tell me THREE women from Grey’s Anatomy, and TWO from the Sopranos are in this and then they still needed to add a sixth slot? Well then, fuck it. I hope Rachel Griffiths wins.

  • h and Tim G… you’re completely correct. I have to say, as I was writing this… it’s been SO LONG since May, I completely blanked on who was snubbed for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Elizabeth Mitchell was completely robbed — excellent call.

  • nctodc

    I love Rachel Griffiths, Chanda Wilson and Sandra Oh, but I have no reason to expect anything less than a clean sweep for the Sopranos.

    A proper (though perhaps not entirely fair) tribute to the greatest drama in TV history.

  • Good riddance to the Sopranos.

    Maybe better shows finally have a chance at winning honors now.

    It’s not TV, it’s H Blow.

  • HBLow… haha.. that’s totally great.

    Iwould also agree Connie Britton would be in the lead category (and thus, snubbed over there instead).

    In this category, as long as somebody on ABC wins, I’ll be happy (and no, I don’t work for ABC).

  • Heh, Vance. Being able to say “fuck,” and show breasts every once in a while doesn’t necessarily make a show better. Showtime’s Weeds and Dexter are superior to anything HBO’s put out other than Six Feet Under.

  • My Emmy noms this year stunk. I don’t watch several big series (Heroes, Lost, FNL, The Office, etc), so I couldn’t begin to pick who was snubbed. lol

  • And I really meant for Sandra Oh to be my “Hope will win” and the Sopranos ladies or Rachel Griffiths to be the “Will win” people, not the other way around. I think I jumbled my responses before sending them in!

    I wasn’t sure where to put Connie Britton – She definitely was snubbed, no matter how you play it!

  • Courtney

    If Sandra Oh is a supporting actress, then I would say Connie Britton is too. (To me, FNL is kind of like Lost, where you can’t figure out who the leads are exactly) But, yes, she’s brilliant in FNL (I’m counting the days ’til season 2!). I definitely want Chandra Wilson to win, but she’ll lose to someone from the Sopranos.

  • Tara

    I’ve got to go with Katherine because she actually should have had some recognition for her work last year, but in terms of performance, you can’t beat Sandra Oh. She leaves everyone else in her dust.

  • Linda B.

    Amrie, i completely agree w/ you regarding Sandra Oh’s performance at the end of the last episode. While watching it back in May i was thinking “there’s her Emmy.”

    As for the Soprano ladies, neither’s performance (what little we saw of both of them for the final season) overwhelmed me at all.

  • Kyle

    Amrie…I agree that Sandra Oh deserves an emmy for that scene. Too bad she submitted “From a Whisper to a Scream” and voters will not have seen that scene (unless they are regular veiwers) when they vote for BSA. However, “Whisper” is a great submission. I hope Oh or Griffiths win.

  • Josh

    I’m hoping for Rachel Griffiths or Chandra Wilson. While Grey’s went severely downhill for the second half of the season, Bailey remained one of the few reasons to watch.

  • Antares

    Can anyone explain the Emmy nomination for Katherine Heigl?! I have no problem with noms for Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson, but Katherine? Come on…I really hope Rachel Griffiths will take the award this year, since Elizabeth Mitchell is not amongst the nominees

  • My choices would be Rachel Griffiths or Chandra Wilson. I also agree that Elizabeth Mitchell should have been included.

  • Lea

    Elizabeth Mitchell was ROBBED. Her performance in 3×16 One of Us was superb. I’d have nominated her too for season 4 too, Juliet Burke is an amazing character, but she barely got any screen time 🙁

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