Interview: Clark Duke

clark duke

By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

I wanted to share with you all what happens when I get to spend 20 minutes on the phone with one of my favorite people in the world, Clark Duke. One of the best phone conversations ever, there were moments I was afraid I’d have to stop the tape because I was laughing so hard. There was a ridiculous amount of topics covered, including what costar he’d be happy to kiss right on the mouth, but there’s not much in the way of spoilers for the season finale of Greek airing Monday September 10 (and featuring Cordelia herself, Charisma Carpenter!!)…he doesn’t want to give too much away….about the show anyway….

A: How are you today [right about now is where I start laughing]?
C: I’m good, well, I kind of have a cold, but other than that, I’m really good.
A: What about Dale made you want to be Dale?
C: I thought it would be fun to play something really charactery. Something far removed from me. Especially after Clark and Michael, and playing myself, or not myself, but an exaggerated version of myself.
A: I should hope that the Clark in the show is not the Clark in real life because he’s kind of a jerk ha.
C: No that’s the real me. I’m just a full blown moron.
A: What’s it like on the set of Greek? Is it really nice?
C: It’s really great. Everybody gets along. There’s a lot of food. It’s always air conditioned. What else? It’s really great.

A: What’s coming up in the finale? I know you told me you don’t want to spill too much, or you don’t want to give too much away.
C: I kind of don’t want to say because there are some big surprises. Not for me, not for Dale. For other characters.
A: When do you start back and shooting the back ten [airing in early 2008]?
C: We start back September 10 [the day of the finale].
A: Dale’s still there.
C: I’m still there. I’m in the first script I got. I don’t have to check in rehab. I’m still on the show.
A: Oh good, you can cross that off your list of things to do. Honestly, the only reason I started watching the show is because I was obsessed with Clark and Michael. And now all my friends are obsessed with the show because I told them they have to watch the show because of you ha. We can’t wait for new episodes.
C: No, that’s awesome. I like for everyone to be obsessive.
A: I have an obsessive personality so that works out well.
C: You’re the people we’re looking for. The die hards.
A: Anything big coming up for you? I just read about Kung Fu Professor [his band with Kristen Bell of Heroes]?
C: That’s so funny. I cannot believe that it’s already spread.
A: I like the name.
C: We’re starting a band. It’s real. It’s not a joke. It’s not a fake press release.
A: She’s one of my favorite people on the planet, so that’s awesome.
C: Yeah, me too.
A: What do you watch when you watch TV?
C: I never watch anything. I’m never home. I watch Adult Swim at night. I try to watch Greek, unless I’m working.
A: What are you working on besides Greek right now?
C: Well, I’m kind of writing a few things. But it’s not really anything I can talk about.
A: Oh, super secret, can’t tell anybody. You don’t want to spoil anything
C: Yeah, you never know what’s going to happen. There are a couple things. One thing in particular that’s moving forward. Still can’t talk about it yet.
A: I just saw Superbad, which I told you. I love that you showed up. Did you do that because of Michael, or was it a cast thing that you found?
C: I mean I know all those guys. I actually did go in and read some various funny lines and they just…brought me up to there. It was just fun to hang out.
A: I watch you two do interviews [Clark and Michael] and even that’s funny to me.
C: I miss shooting it because it was funny. Just cracking up every day.
A: It’s the kind of thing that you can watch 100 times and it’s still hilarious.
C: We did this one interview with that I thought was really cool, just out on the street. The guy stopped us, we were at Amoeba [in LA]….that was really funny to me.
A: What are some weird questions that you get asked?
C: Do you want to get married, are you seeing anybody? What’s your sign?
A: Oh the good ones. The pick up lines.
C: Yeah….Is Heaven missing an angel?
A: That one’s probably asked a lot.
C: That one’s really good, right….I’m sorry, what was your question?
A: [too much laughing….] I just asked you what questions you get asked?
C: I don’t know. I don’t keep a score board.
A: You should write them all down.
C: Do you mean on the street or in interviews?
A: Either.
C: Everybody asks if we’re going to do anymore Clark and Michael and the answer is no at the moment.
A: Which is sad.
C: But the thing is CBS hasn’t asked us to do any more. They did have an option and they never expressed any interest in it. I don’t think they dislike it, I just think they’re not aware of it.
C: Let’s get back on topic.
A: Back to Greek.
C: Back to Greek.
A: What do you want to see happen?
C: What do I want to see happen? I want Dale to eventually join one of the fraternities. I feel like I don’t see Scotty enough on set. I miss Scott [Michael Foster, Cappie]. And I think that’s gotta be Dale’s storyline as he opens up out of his shell a little bit. Because that’s what college is, ya know. You go to college and no matter who you are, your politics shift wildly to the left, and you drink a lot and you make some mistakes.
A: Your performance with Darwin Lied was pretty good. Pretty spot on.
C: Thank you, I was nervous about that. I honestly haven’t watched it.
A: It was awesome.
C: I’m afraid I’ll just blush. Get blushy redfaced.
A: Do you like watching yourself on tape?
C: I don’t know. I didn’t write that song. The song was a little cheesy but everybody said it came out well.
A: No I thought it was good.
C: Thank you, I’ll take your word for it.
A: My opinion matters so much. Is there anything you might want your fans to know?
C: I don’t know, do you have anything in mind in particular? I don’t know that people want to know anything?
A: You said people ask you if you’re single and if you want to get married?
C: No that was a joke.
A: [hilarity and laughter] I know. ha, I know. Is Heaven missing an Angel? Yes.
C: Exactly! Well, there’s no second season of Clark and Michael right now.
A: That’s sad.
C: Sorry everybody.
A: Who would you love to work with?
C: Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Paul Thomas Anderson…..Wes Anderson……Pamela Anderson.
A: Hit them all.
C: I would say Ricky Gervais would be my most favorite. I think Rainn Wilson’s like really funny. We have a similar look some may find.
A: You guys can play brothers or something. I sense a script in the future.
C: You may be more intuitive that you realize.
[The interview took place last Friday]
A: Doing anything fun for the weekend?
C: Not really, I’m back home [in Arkansas] until next week. I don’t really have any plans.
A: For the readers who may not know, where do you guys shoot?
C: We shoot in LA, in Studio City.
A: Do you have to travel far from your house to shoot?
C: Well, I live in LA, so not really…I haven’t been back to Arkansas since Christmas.
A: I’ve never been there.
C: It’s kind of boring.
A: Everyone says that about their hometown. Mine is incredibly boring.
C: If you’re not in NY or LA, every where is kind of boring.
A: What kind of music is Kung Fu Professor going to perform? Do you guys know?
C: Um, we honestly haven’t had a practice…the first practice will be next week.
A: I love that it’s a real band, it’s so exciting.
C: I think like dance rock. I think we may be something like Hot Chip [excellent decision. Love Hot Chip]. We’re all going to wear cravats.
A: I know, I read some article where she said “All I know is that we’re wearing cravats.”
C: That’s the only definite. I wear a low bandanna as a rule and she was a fan of that and then we watched this really bizarre movie where the killer had one on. And she takes mine a lot and wears it. There’s a rhinestone one that she likes to wear. So yeah, cravats are for sure.
A: What’s going to happen to The Long Goodbye [Clark’s band with Michael Cera and their friend Christian]?
C: What’s going to happen to them? I mean, we don’t really play any shows or anything anyway, so it’s not going to be a big change.
A: You guys could go on tour as a back up to your band, and then you guys could play shows.
C: I don’t think Mike really wants to be in a band.
A: It’s just kind of something that happened and now he’s stuck in it.
C: I don’t think it’ll affect anything. I think that my friend Christian who is in The Long Goodbye is going to be in Kung Fu Professor. So we just replaced Michael with someone with a good ear. It’s a whole new band, so it’s a separate band.
A: How long have you known Michael?
C: Um, three years.
A: You guys get along like you’ve known each other for your entire lives.
C: Yeah it was kind of like that immediately. I don’t know. Sometimes you just meet people that you get a long with. Like family members.
A: He’s kind of an extended family for you.
C: Oh definitely….I will kiss him right on the mouth.
A: That is a sign of a special friendship.
C: That’s your pull quote right there…..there’s your pull quote, you’re welcome.
A: Thank you very much.
C: Trying to give you controversy.
A: There’s a lot of it…
C: I would kiss him right on the mouth. On the mouth, right there.
A: I was worried I’d get on the phone with you and not be able to talk because I would be laughing too much and it’s kind of what’s happening.
C: No, yeah, it’s good, I hope it translates.
A: I know, right, I hope that the tape comes out. If not, I’ll just ask you to type that all into a message and send it over.
A: I have to get running. I wanted to say thank you.
C: Nice to finally talk on the phone and not the internet.
A: I look forward to the finale, can’t wait for more episodes, and can’t wait to see more of you in the future.
C: Aw thank you!

What’s your excuse now? Check out the season finale of Greek, get caught up on the 10 episodes of Clark and Michael, watch the big party scenes at the end of Superbad 100 times, get excited about Kung Fu Professor!! He’s a fabulous guy – funny, charming, smart, successful; he really is one of the coolest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I know you all can’t wait to see what he does next!

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