Emmy Picks 2007: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama

In anticipation of Sunday’s EMMY AWARDS, theTVaddict.com crew is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things pan out] to present our 2007 Guaranteed Emmy Winners [not really guaranteed!]. Check beck all week long, as new categories are added.

Agree with our picks? disagree completely? Think we take TV a little too seriously! Post your comments below. And don’t forget to return to theTVaddict.com on Sunday for our Live Blogging Emmy Party!

Nominees (L to R): William Shatner, T.R. Knight, Masi Oka, Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn and Michael Imperioli

theTVaddict Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Masi Oka
If only to see him scream YATAA! when he accepts the award.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Michael Emerson
Not only does Emerson play television’s most duplicitous villain [we think!?], he’s got the most evil eyes on the small screen.

Who Was Snubbed: Justin Chambers
GREY’s most scandal free Doctor gave us the only story worth watching last season.

Amrie Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Michael Imperioli or The Shat
Like I said, Emmy voters go for the old standbys. This year will probably be no different.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Michael Emerson
He can stare at the camera and emote more than any other person on TV. His big old bug eyes give me chills before he even starts speaking!!

Who Was Snubbed: Jack Coleman
Hands down, deserving of a nod!! What about darling Zach Gilford from FNL. Yeah he’s young, but Matt Saracen is such a multi-dimensional character. Love him!

Jenny Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Masi Oka
I think it’s his time to shine…

Who I HOPE Will Win: Masi Oka
From the few episodes of Heroes that I watched, he is by far my favorite Hero. And from the interviews I’ve seen, he’s a genuinely humble, adorable guy in real life as well.

Who Was Snubbed: Enrico Colantoni
As Veronica’s dad, he was always great. Supportive, caring, everything a dad should be. Enrico played him fantastically well, too!

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  • h

    Who I think will win — Shatner, just because he’s Shatner, or TR Knight as an apology or Oka because Emmy voters want to be perceived as hip and with it.

    Who I hope will win — Emerson!

    Who was snubbed — Jack Coleman. He was the best part of Heroes and Company Man was the best episode. As an aside, I don’t like that HRG’s first name is Noah.

  • Michael Emerson probably deserves it the most. That guy is always best in creepy roles.

    I’d also be okay with Masi Oka or Shat.

  • Todd W — I would so not be ‘okay’ with William Shatner. How many more awards is he going to get for playing crazy? He’s won enough.

  • Ryguy

    Michael Emerson was the one that jumped out for me. He’s the one out the bunch that really used his acting chops. i cant recall a recent ‘bad guy’ whose won an Emmy though?

  • Linda B.

    My vote would be for Michael Emerson, but something tells me TR Knight will win. Sympathy vote maybe?