Emmy Picks 2007: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy

In anticipation of Sunday’s EMMY AWARDS, theTVaddict.com crew is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things turn out] to present our 2007 Guaranteed Emmy Winners [not really guaranteed!]. Check beck all week long, as new categories are added.

Agree with our picks? disagree completely? Think we take TV a little too seriously! Post your comments below. And don’t forget to return to theTVaddict.com on Sunday for our Live Blogging Emmy Party!

Nominees (L to R): Jaime Pressly, Jenna Fischer, Holland Taylor, Conchata Ferrell, Vanessa Williams and Elizabeth Perkins

theTVaddict Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Vanessa Williams
She’s the villain we love to hate.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Elizabeth Perkins
Television’s funniest Desperate Housewive.

Who Was Snubbed: Angela Kinsey
Kinsey plays Angela to perfection and along with co-star Rainn Wilson has created one of the most unassuming yet interesting relationships on television.

Amrie Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Vanessa Williams
Ugly Betty has such good buzz going into the awards.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Jaime Pressley or Elizabeth Perkins
I’d definitely be happy if either walked away with it. They’re both spot on in their own little ways. I love it!

Who Was Snubbed: Nobody
I’m good here.

Jenny Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Vanessa Williams
I think they will go for the big name.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Jaime Pressly
She plays white trash better than any REAL white trash I’ve ever met. And being from Oklahoma & Kansas, I’ve met A LOT.

Who Was Snubbed: Alyson Hannigan
I love her on How I Met Your Mother. She is smart & funny and a great counter for Ted and Marshall.

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  • carly f.

    2 words: jenna fischer

  • t_dot

    2 words – Elizabeth Perkins

  • Josh

    I’m rooting for Jenna Fischer, but I think Vanessa Williams will take it. Which is fine with me. I agree that both Alyson Hannigan and Angela Kinsey deserved nominations.

  • Not a strong opinion here. Ugly Betty is the only one of these shows that I watch, so Vanessa Williams wins my vote by default. However, as Ugly Betty supporting actresses go, I would have preferred a nomination for Ana Ortiz, maybe even Becki Newton.

  • mg714

    Definitely rooting for Jenna Fischer above anyone else. I think she has a good shot at it and my biggest hope for Emmy night is for her to win. If she does not and one of the actresses from Two and a Half Men win, I’ll be very upset. I think those two actress are fine but I really don’t want that show to win anything.

  • WILL: Vanessa Williams

    SHOULD: Vanessa Williams or Elizabeth Perkins

    SNUBBED: Becki Newton from Ugly Betty. Marc & Amanda are the new Jack & Karen.