THE OC Dad Knocks his TV Offspring

In a press conference Monday promoting the FX legal thriller DAMAGES, actor Tate Donovan [Jimmy Cooper] blamed the quick decline of THE OC on the ego’s of his young co-stars. “The kids became incredibly difficult to work with,” said Donovan, adding that, “the actors were unhappy, and they all wanted movie careers and did not want to be on television, all four of them. They were, like, ‘This show is killing my career.”

There’s nothing this TV Addict detests more than ungrateful actors. Killing their career? How about MAKING them? Who on earth were Benjamin Mackenzie, Misha Barton, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson prior to THE OC? Since you asked, they were anonymous actors who happened to catch one really big break. A break they apparently took completely for granted. Thank-God THE OC ended so these kids can kick start their movie careers! By the way, can somone please be sure to let this TV Addict know when these kids get a movie ‘career.’

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  • One must keep in mind, however, this is coming from someone who could be somewhat bitter about being shuffled off of the show and only invited back for gets spots.

  • VCAD

    mmm I believe Tate, I have the feeling Ben is not the nicest guy around, neither is Mischa and I’m not sure about Adam and Rachel. Oh well, this doesn’t surprise me, I mean it hurts me because I loved THE OC (at least S1, most of 2 and S4) and they are just being ungrateful and like THE TV ADDICT said, what movie careers? because they were popular BECAUSE of THE OC, and they haven’t done anything else major since it.

  • Stella

    I thought Tate Donavan requested to leave the show? If so, I can’t imagine him being all that bitter about it.

    It’s not that much of a stretch considering the reputation of the kids, but it’s not like they were working on One Tree Hill. Now that’s something to complain about. Talk about killing your career.

  • Dear Tim G,

    I don’t think Tate Donovan is bitter about THE OC. The guy hasn’t stopped working for twenty years! I think he was just giving a surprisingly candid assessment of his former co-stars! Frankly, it’s a nice breath of honesty from the usually fake Hollywood acting community.

  • This doesn’t surprise me. We’ve seen this happen before, where actors begin to loathe the show that made them a household name. (Hello, “Angel” David Boreanaz!) It seemed like it happened on “Dawson’s Creek,” too, that by the end, the cast just didn’t seem like they wanted to be there. (In all fairness, I didn’t really want to be there during the horrid Dawson college years, either, but I refused to let go until the bitter end.)

    I agree with you, TV Addict. Tate has had a long, long career, probably longer than the four kids will have. It’s not often you find an actor so refreshingly honest. Good for him.

  • Meggie

    Way to take a quote about something completely unverified and running with it. Negativity doesn’t do anything but make the person being negative feel superior (“See how cool I am!”). Nasty remarks didn’t bring “Firefly” back in the form of “Serenity”. That was dedicated fans who thought positively and pushed forward. People can either bitch about ABC — and eventually Aaron Sorking — dropping “Sports Night” or they can think happy thoughts while watching 2 of the best seasons ever to grace the TV on their DVDs.

    I get you reporting what Tate Donovan said. But to go off on a bitter tirade… what’s the point of that? Tate might have remembered things wrong. Maybe he based it one or two bad days. Possibly he had problems with a few of the kids and so their statements took on a more amplified meaning. I don’t know how you think you are 100% right about what could essentially be a “he said/she said” deal if anyone of those kids decide to fire back at Tate.

  • Julien

    It’s not really a great surprise especially for Mischa Barton (yeah what a great movie carrer you have now btw) im not sure Ben or Rachel are that ungrateful but i dont know, personal feeling

    Still i can understand that after a long period like for Friends or Seinfeld (even tough i never heard Jerry complain but maybe im wrong) you want to change but not after two years seriously (if you dont want to take the shot at being in a succesfull tv show well read your contract and only sign for one year or dont go in) but dont go whine because you wanted money and fame

    Anw it’s almost always like that with young actors/actress too much money too soon (and it still can happen with people in their late thirties hello Zach Braff, well at least he can act not like Mischa…)

    (Sorry for my english i try to do my best but i dont write in english really often except short stuff)

  • John

    I didn’t know the four actors wrote the show. I thought they just acted in it.

    Since the writing fell way off, I don’t see how the actors can be responsible regardless of any career ambitions they had.

  • Stef

    Honestly, just because the actors were ready to move on, doesn’t mean the show had to suck. Their acting was never an issue….they were always phenomenal. Well, most of them anyway. It was the writing in season 3 that brought the show down. And unfortunately, season 4 was better but no one noticed until it was too late.

  • Neena

    IDK if the younger actors on the OC resented being on the show or not…but what killed the OC – i feel was the terrible writing in Season 2 (the OC’s worst season) – which was pretty bad…they lost alot of viewers because of it. Season 3 picked up a bit…but the OC never reached the heights of its first season.

    I feel in general that perhaps most actors on tv want movie careers…

  • Kurt

    I don’t think it was the young actors or season 2.

    I think when Tate Donovan says “young actors,” he means Mischa Barton. Remember, they killed her off because she wanted a movie career. And then she told everyone the ending of season three on a talk show a week before it aired.

    As for season 2 being the worst? That’s just crazy. It was the second-worst behind the train-wreck season 3. In which, the writers kept all kinds of awful side characters in the mix for way too long. Season three was like a whole season of the Oliver episodes.

    But in reality, I think the reason why the OC failed is because of the fans. Dumb little 13-year-old girls and boys inexplicably loved Marrissa. I will never know why. When the show killed her off, a lot of them got pissed and stopped watching. Plus, many regular viewers of reasonable intelligence had already given up after a dreadful third season that Marissa ruined by being an idiot. Did she really get in another fight with Ryan because she believed Johnny was just a friend? Oliver anyone? And then, because of some frankly humorous tragedy (Johnny falling off a cliff) that she in all reality caused, she turns to self-destruction (again).

    The problem that I have with the show, is that the Fourth season was cut short when The OC was getting good again. So I guess, what I am saying is that I too blame everything on the “young actors.” But really, just Mischa Barton, who I am convinced sucks in real life too.