Download Your 2007 EMMY Ballot

the TV Addict knows how busy your life is. Between friends, family, work and TV who has time to make that essential Emmy Ballot for their fabulous Emmy Party?

Thankfully, this TV addict is way too dedicated to ensuring you have an amazing Party. Click the link (to the left) to download your free and fantastic 2007 Emmy Ballot. To print the Ballot, just right click and ‘save file to desktop’. You’ll then have the PDF on your computer and you can easily print as many copies as you need.

As an added bonus, the TV Addict has marked off his personal favourites to ensure you win your Emmy Pool.

Please Note: theTVaddict’s Emmy Pics are not guaranteed to be ‘correct’. Please refrain from betting any kids, pets or personal property in your Emmy Pool

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  • wader

    can you post a version without your picks. I want a printable ballot for my emmy party and I can’t find one. Your decisions will influence everyone elses…. thanks in advance.

  • wader. I’m honored you think my GUARANTEED* picks will influence your party. As per your request, here’s a link to a pick free copy of the Emmy Ballot!

    * Winners not guaranteed!

  • That’s really cool. I downloaded my copy and will use it to keep track of everything during the Emmys. Thanks!

  • wader

    thank you muchly.. it saves me making one myself. much appreciated. Just think everyone at the party will be using your ballot. Dips and Desserts is the theme so if you have more good advice fire away.

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