CHUCK Scoop: Guess Which OC Star Falls for Chuck?

Wondering which member of THE OC will be guest starring on Josh Schwartz’s newest show CHUCK this season? Click below to find out.

Not that we need another reason to tune into CHUCK this fall, but has just learned that OC fan favorite Rachel Bilson [Summer Roberts] will be dropping by CHUCK for a multi-episode arc. Elaborates Josh Schwartz in a phone interview is taking part in right now!

“Rachel’s got an incredible sense of humour and was eager to help our little show get launched. Her character is introduced to Chuck as this really sweet girl. A magical sandwich maker in fact and what starts off as a genuine relationship for Chuck quickly devolves, as he begins to have concerns that Rachel’s character is not excatly who she says she is.”

Josh Schwartz (THE OC)! Sarah Lancaster (EVERWOOD)! TV’s newest unassuming hero Zachary Levi! Plus Rachel Bilson! Is anyone else counting down the days until September 24?

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  • Chris


  • omg

    this is perhaps one of the coolest casting news ever. love rachel bilson. love zachary levi. couldnt wait for chuck before, but now september 24 is not coming fast enough. in the words of barney “it’s going to be legen-wait for it-dary”

  • Josh

    This is great! I didn’t know it was possible but Chuck just got even cooler. I can’t wait for NBC Mondays from 8-10. First they add Kristen Bell to Heroes, now this.

  • CC

    I love her and I love this new show! Although, it will be kind of strange… because Chuck reminds me of Seth Cohen a bit.