Emmy Picks 2007: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama

In anticipation of Sunday’s EMMY Awards, theTVaddict.com crew is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things turn out] to present our 2007 GUARANTEED EMMY WINNERS [not really guaranteed!]. Check beck regularly throughout the week, as new categories are added. Agree with our picks? disagree completely? Think we take TV a little too seriously! Post your comments below.

Nominees (L to R):James Spader, Hugh Laurie, Denis Leary, James Gandolfini and Kiefer Sutherland

theTVaddict Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: James Gandolfini
Tony Soprano is one of television’s most seminal characters. Can you really blame Emmy voters for honoring Gandolfini one last time?

Who I HOPE Will Win: Anyone but Kiefer Sutherland or James Spader
They do the exact same thing every season, and frankly I’m tired of it.

Who Was Snubbed: Michael C. Hall
Bringing Dexter to life was last season’s most Emmy worthy role.

Amrie Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: James Gandolfini or James Spader
The Sopranos last year, so sympathy votes. And the Emmy voters believe James Spader is a Godsend.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Dennis Leary or Hugh Laurie
Denis Leary makes me believe in his horrible alcoholic firefighter, and I worship him so much. Hugh Laurie – he’s just great. He’s got caustic wit, and I want to hear his accent in an acceptance speech!

Who Was Snubbed: Kyle Chandler
He deserves not only to have been nominated, but to win the whole thing. I love him as Eric Taylor!!

Jenny Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: James Spader
Emmys love him. I love him too, but not as much as Hugh Laurie.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Hugh Laurie
Every episode, he surprises me with how rude and mean he can be, even while he astounds me. Plus, I love hearing his real accent!

Who Was Snubbed: Kyle Chandler
I have never watched Friday Night Lights, but from what I’ve heard, it’s terrific and Kyle Chandler rocks in everything I’ve ever seen him in.

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  • WILL: Gandolfini. Fugettaboutit.

    SHOULD: Out of the choices given? Either James Spader or Hugh Laurie.

    SNUBBED: Um, where to start?
    –Matthew Fox for LOST: The season finale was brilliant and I thought would be Fox’s Emmy episode for sure.
    –Michael C. Hall for DEXTER: What an amazingly complex character. The way Hall effortlessly shifts between warm, genial co-worker and cold, calculating vigilante is amazing.
    –Kyle Chandler for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: What else can I say? Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t… even get nominated. *sigh*

  • Linda B.

    Tim G: I totally agree w/ you about Matthew Fox and Michael C. Hall being snubbed. Matthew Fox was brilliant in the season finale. Completely brought tears to my eyes. And what more can you say about Dexter. MCH is amazing and i can’t wait til Sept. 30th!

    And TVa – I loved what you said about Kiefer. I was thinking the same thing. zzzzzzzzzzz…….

  • This category is a tough one for me. In a way, it’s a three-way tie among Hugh Laurie, Denis Leary, and James Spader. They’re all super.

    If I had to pick, I’d say Hugh Laurie is my 1st choice, James Spader 2nd, and Denis Leary 3rd. But, it’s super close. Really good nominations here.