First Look: GREY’S ANATOMY Season Four

Thanks to ISAIAH-Gate and the ensuing media madness, it’s easy to forget that GREY’S ANATOMY was once — long ago — the best drama on television. Thankfully for fans, creator Shonda Rhimes is aware of last season’s missteps and promises that season four will bring the ‘fun & sexy’ back. Judging from this ABC sneak peak, we’re inclined to agree.

Enjoy your first look at the fourth season of GREY’S ANATOMY. Not only will it get you seriously excited for the show’s return [I’m listening to THE FRAY’S HOW TO SAVE A LIFE as a type this], you’ll notice that our favorite surgical interns residents have come full circle. Well… with the exception of one. Damn you George O’Malley…. get’cha head the game!

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  • Linda B.

    Um, has someone been watching HSM a little too much????

  • Linda… Bet on It… argghhhhh… finally… someone latched on to my plea for help. I have a problem. I’m addicted to HSM…. Okay, not really… I just thought the line worked with for George O’Malley. I love that he didn’t graduate to resident. I wonder how he’s going to miraculously get promoted during November of February sweeps? No doubt he’ll do something really heroic! Apparently getting Dr. Burke fired wasn’t enough. Jokes really. I honestly think the show’s going to be a little worse of without Dr. Burke. Think what you will of Mr. Washington, Dr. Burke was a fantastic character to watch on screen.

  • I’m excited!


  • Linda B.

    Yes, i will miss Dr. Burke too. I enjoyed watching the development of his relationship w/ Christina over the past 3 seasons. I can’t believe it’s over (or to quote Meredith – ‘It’s so over.’)

  • tdot

    thx IM so excited. Thank for that preview!

  • Josh

    This is the first time in a while that I have been excited for Grey’s! I love that the four of them are trying to act like Bailey.

    I always got bored watching Burke, so I won’t miss him. I’d rather see the show focus on Bailey and the interns. They could drop McDreamy and McSteamy too and I’d be fine with it.

  • Julia

    All I can say is that I hope Dr. Burke leaving will cause more people to turn into a certain show on at the same time on the CW. Hint.

  • I agree, the 4 of them spouting off Bailey’s rules is indeed hysterical.

    I’m excited for this season, especially if Shonda’s promise to “bring back the funny and the sexy” is true.

  • Okay, now I seriously can’t wait for the new season! If this is any indicator, we are going to have one rockin’ year of Grey’s Anatomy.