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dexter season two

In anticipation of DEXTER’s upcoming second season premiere — this September 30 at 9PM on Showtime — is giving away the first season of DEXTER on DVD. To qualify to win, all you have to do is take a look at the season two cast photos [click the link below] and guess which of Dexter’s friends, family and/or co-workers will fall victim to Dexter’s ‘special brand of justice’ this coming season.

For the record, our guess is Sgt. Doakes. Having seen the first two episodes of the season, we have a feeling he’s getting far too nosey for his own good.

Can’t wait until September 28 to find out if you’ve won? Why not check out DEXTER on iTunes. At $1.99 per episode, it’s a killer deal [pun indented].

dexter season two

dexter season two
Jennifer Carpenter as Debora Morgan

dexter season two
Jaime Murray as Lila

dexter season two
Keith Carradine as Lt. Frank Lundy

dexter season two
Lauren Velez as Lt. Laguerta

dexter season two
James Remar as Harry Morgan

dexter season two
Julie Benz as Rita Bennett

dexter season two
Erik King as Sgt. Doakes

dexter season two
David Zayas as Angel

dexter season two
JoBeth Williams as Gail

dexter season two
C.S. Lee as Vince Masuka

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  • LT. Lundy, so LT. Laguerta can take over again.

    Doakes is too easy of a pick, he’s Dexter’s only main foil. The one one around him who sees past Dex’s fakeness. I have a feeling he’ll find out, and actually help Dex once he discovers the truth.

  • I’m gonna say Harry Morgan.

  • Echo

    I haven’t seen the show yet, so I just picked at random:
    (because I don’t trust his hat).

  • dean

    As a true Dexter fan I have the book that S2 is based on, but I’m not reading it till the season is over.

    I also can’t see it being Sgt Doakes – he’s exactly the character that Dexter needs around to make sure he’s careful with his hobby. Having Rita threatened (not by Dexter) would be interesting, in the same way it was interesting to see Dexter react to Deb being in danger. How will Dexter deal with the “love” for Rita (or whatever it is that he has for her).

    My pick for unfortunate ending is Laguerta, which would be sad because she’s a great character. Although, are there any characters on this show that are not great?!?!

  • Dean,

    Glad to hear you’re such a big DEXTER fan.

    Just a quick heads up though. At the Paley Festival event in March of 07, showrunner Daniel Cerone said that they wouldn’t be following book two that closely, as it didn’t really translate to television.

  • Cory

    I am going with Lundy as well. LaGuerta needs to be boss again.

  • Um, Vince? Just a guess. I haven’t seen the show and I would love to – hence me entering the contest.

  • dean


    I’m glad to hear that they won’t be following the book that closely. While the first book was pretty good, I think the TV series took it to another level, mostly by making the other characters more solid.

    Also I found it harder to identify with the Dexter from the book, while Hall’s performance in the series gives me the chills (asking myself how close I am to a serial killer myself 🙂

    Note to FBI: I’m not.

  • Natalie

    I think its Lt. Lundy….can’t wait for S2!!!

  • Ellierigby

    Lt Lundy, I miss LaGuerta.

  • Erica

    I vote for Rita’s husband

  • Josh

    I’ll say Lt. Lundy. I haven’t seen this show but have been wanting to check it out. A free copy of Season 1 sure would help! 😉

  • Lindsay

    It better not be Rita! And obviously not Deb, right? Just to be different, I will guess Gail (even though I don’t know who the character is…)

  • Rod

    I’d say Lila. Bitch probably has a dark past.

  • coffeeaddict

    We don’t have Showtime, but I found the first two episodes online and loved it! It’s so unlike anything else on TV right now, or ever for that matter. I’m going to say Laguerta just because she gets on my nerves, at least in the first two episodes!

  • Kurt


  • Ania Saluda

    My ‘vote’ goes for Lt. Lundy.

  • Alex

    I will have to say JoBeth Williams as Gail as i have not yet met this character, and we are asked who will meet dexter’s ’special brand of justice’ which means that dexter will be the one that kills or hurts the person.

    So there must be something in the person’s past that makes them deserve to die. As from what we have seen from season 1 so far (which totally rocked i just loved it) none of the extisting cast characters deserve what will be dealt out.

    Cant wait for the new season. Yeah the long draught is about to be broken. pitty that battlestar is not coming back till 2008 because then i would be jumping for joy. Still VERY happy with all the new tv that is coming back

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  • I love Dexter! How can someone so creepy, still be utterly adorable?

    I’ll have to say Lila. Is that a new character or am I just completely forgetting her??

  • Deirdre

    I’m going with Lila, played by Jaime Murray. She and Dexter are supposed to click and I bet she has a lot of skeletons in her closet. I think the writers added her for the love triangle effect but in the end Dexter will pick Rita and have to “take care of” Lila.

  • Linda B.

    My guess goes for Lundy, for the same reason Alex picked Gail. I think Lundy will have some skeletons in his closet that Dexter becomes aware of, thus killing him.

  • deidra cox

    my guess is Lt. Laguerta
    that would be the ultimate surprise
    thanks a bunch!!

  • Monkey

    I just finished the 1st book & just picked up the 2nd. Totally hooked! Cant wait to see season 1!

    I’m going guess Gail. Has he killed a woman yet?

  • Aileen

    I vote Lila. Even if Doakes is making things difficult for Dexter, the Code of Harry would prevent Dexter from killing him (unless Doakes has done some bad, bad things in his past). I think the cast of Season 1 is pretty safe, but this Lila woman is supposed to have some of the darkness that Dexter has, which makes her a potential victim (depending on how dark she really is).

  • Patrick

    I’m betting on Lt. Laguerta.

  • I’m going to say Lt. Frank Lundy because although Doakes is a pain in the ass – Dexter wouldn’t kill him without a very good reason and being annoying is not one. From what we’ve seen with Lt. Lundy he’s not such a great person and I think he has more that’s hidden that will come out eventually.

  • Frank

    Rita is Dexter Meat!



  • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Rita Bennett…
    I haven’t actually watched the show because we don’t get Showtime, so maybe I’ll win the DVD and can FINALLY catch up on this seemingly incredible show!

  • Andrew

    Matsuka is a degenerate, I’d say he’s closest to fitting Harry’s code.

  • Going with Lundy…

  • Bryan Hughes

    Gotta go with Lt. Frank Lundy. Never trust a Carradine!

  • Marie

    Lila. She’s probably going to be a 1-season character. Someone Dexter will hate to kill but will need to.

  • Beth

    I’m with you TV Addict – I’m guessing Sgt. Doakes. I was slightly surprised he made it through the first season —- he’s too smart!

  • shane

    I initially wanted to guess Lundy for obvious reasons that he’s assigned to the bayharbour butcher case. However I think that would be way to high profile of a killing and would draw even more attention to Dexter… I think it might be C.S Lee, I have a feeling he might figure out its Dexter since he gets assigned to the case and Dexter might have to take him out… Iunno I don’t think it’ll be someone so obvious so that’s why Lee is my guess… althought it would suck to see him go he brings much needed comedy to the series…

  • Kylen

    Gosh, I am excited about season 2, and desperate to make all of my friends see season 1. I’m going to go with Lt. Lundy.

    Can’t wait for the new season. Thanks for the contest, TVAddict. K*

  • ally

    I vote Vince Masuka. Maybe he finds out Dexter hacked into his email. Doakes is going to be too busy flirting with Dexter’s sister.

  • Cheryl

    Hmm… I was going to say Doakes but I have a feeling he will be sticking around for a while. I’m going to have to agree with Alex and say that it will be this new character Gail. Who knows what evil things she has been up to.

    Can’t wait for September 30th!

  • Geri

    I’ve only seen a couple of episodes thanks to the recent DirecTV previews so I’ll just go along with those who said Lundy- I guess because it would create more of a conflict for Dexter if he did take out someone who was considered high profile.

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  • Chad

    Dexter is simply the best TV show on the air right now.

    I forsee Dex’s GF Rita dying this season. It will really be intresting to see him react to Lost Love.

  • Jessica

    If we’re going by the book, it’s Lt. Laguerta.

  • Dana

    Have to agree with you, Sgt. Doakes. It would be the most surprising because most people would not expect them to kill off his main foil.

  • jo5h

    dexter is gonna off lundy.

  • Pete

    I’m going to say Lt. Laguera. Not too young, not too old. That’s as good a line of reasoning as any, right?

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  • Kathleen

    Either Angel or Sgt. Doakes.

  • JO

    I am officially addicted to Showtime’s DEXTER. Playing the character Dexter, Michael C. Hall, MAKES the show!!!

    I’m guessing his victim will be the sister, Deb. Who knows…? I just think Showtime will want it to be someone shocking.

  • jason fiske

    Love the show. Sgt Doakes

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