Are you ready for Josh Schwartz’s next guilty pleasure? Are you prepared to get hooked on yet another group of beautiful rich teenagers [played by twenty-somethings] who have far too much money and power, yet still manage to face those everyday peskly little ‘problems’ like drug addiction, date rape and peer pressure? If not, do not click here.

No seriously, if you’re anything like this TV Addict — translation: you have ‘issues’ when it comes to getting hooked on television shows like BEVERLY HILLS 90210, THE OC and MELROSE PLACE — do not even think of clicking here. If you do, you’ll be taken to iTunes where you’ll be able to download the series premiere of the highly anticipated new CW show GOSSIP GIRL. And again, if you’re anything like this TV Addict, say goodbye to twenty-two hours of your life.

GOSSIP GIRL has it all. The pilot comes complete with a mean girl rivalry (Serena vs. Blair), the usual mystery (Why exactly is Serena’s brother in the hospital?), the standard party of the year (in this case, the ‘Kiss on the Lips Ball’) and what’s now become the obligatory Josh Schwartz trademark party dust up between good guy Dan and bad boy Chuck. Oh, and did we even mention that Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell narrates as ‘gossip girl’? Pretty much all that’s missing is a welcome to Manhattan B*itch!

It goes without saying that this TV Addict is already hooked and assuming everything goes according to the CW’s master plan — soon you will be too. Blake Lively is the new Misha Barton. Seth Cohn — you’re so 2005 — make room for Dan Humphrey. And Blair Waldorf, well you make Julie Cooper Nicol look nice.

Assuming you’re even still reading this and haven’t already started watching, sit back, enjoy and be sure to drop by and let us know what you think gossip about it.

Missed an episode of GOSSIP GIRL? Catch up on past episodes for free at

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  • Thanks for the tip. Totally downloading it right now 🙂

  • Mohammad

    i wish i lived in the us 🙁

  • VERONICA!!! I couldn’t even make it 5 minutes into the movie without experiencing Veronica Mars flashbacks…with the voiceover from the incredible Kristen Bell, you couldn’t even tell you’re watching another show if you just turn it off after the opening credits!!
    That said, I really did think Gossip Girl was pretty fabulous! I felt that it is a great addition to the CW family, even though I swore I wouldn’t watch any of their shows ever again..I found it compelling and interesting. Can’t wait for the second episode!

  • CC

    Love it! Maybe CW will have a hit afterall.
    Just wish it wasnt up against Private Practice and Bionic Woman.
    People are such programming idiots. What am I supposed to do? I guess I’ll have to DL one of them, which is a hassle. And one of the shows ratings will suffer, which is too bad. All three are good shows.
    Theres like NOTHING on Tuesdays, put something there for god sakes. Thats the only reason I’ll be watching Reaper (though it is a good show, I wasnt originally going to watch it every week)
    I guess I’m just bitter about VERONICA not being on Tuesdays anymore!
    I hate you CW!

  • Common Sense

    I’m going out on a limb, and saying that Chace Crawford is the TV find of the year, an “It” guy if ever there was one. It should be a crime to be that good-looking…and I’m a guy!!! (ha ha) Also, the kid who plays sleazy “Chuck,” Ed Westwick, is so perfectly cast, it’s ridiculous. Also, I love to hate Blair already.

  • Common Sense — Glad you’re sharing my love of GOSSIP. You know what else is so much fun — the parents. Blair’s mom has some of the best lines of the night, telling her daughter “if you’re going to wear one of my designs tell me so we can at least get it properly fitted!”

  • NikkiHolly

    thanks for letting me know about the free download! i actually liked it a lot more than i thought i would. i read the books so of course there was that list in my head of changes they’d made, but it actually wasn’t as bad as i was expecting. i actually loved it!

    I’m actually really happy that they’re adding in Eric as Serena’s younger brother (he was in college and barely involved in the books) and making Dan’s dad and Rufus’s mom have a past. That’ll be interesting.

  • kay

    i wish i lived in the US too. i love gossip girl and used to watch it on TVlinks but that got shut down so when i discoved people sharing the newer eps on youtube i again got excited, got half way through watching episode 6 and some guy’s picture came up and said this link has been closed because of warner brothers copyright laws
    i was sooooooooooo annoyed please someone help me find somewhere that will let me watch it from the uk 🙁

  • jacqui

    omg i live in aust. and i just found out…well maybe not just found out but i knew about this show along time ago but didnt think i’ll be interested in it, but now (dec) you have to pay $2 for the 1st episode now on itunes store 🙁

  • i loveee it!

  • Khanboocha


  • Ashlea

    It’s So unfair that people who don’t live in the US can’t watch Gossip Girl on the CW website, but i have a website where you can watch the first six episodes if you’re interested.. its .. =) no need to thank me 😀 . but does anyone know where you can watch Gossip Girl after the sixth episode? Because i am such a Gossip Girl Addict !!!! and i love it soooo much :D:D Any idea’s on another website where you can watch the other episodes??? Thanks

  • nush

    Download every Gossip Girl episode (In 2 parts)

  • Tess

    Can you only download this if you live in the US? 🙁
    That’s soo unfair. 😛
    The Netherlands are also quite okay. 😉

  • isabella

    is soo not unfair 🙁 i totally love
    gossip girl nd right now im in ghana and i cant
    download it……this is sooo not
    fair u need to do something about that guys pleassssss :'(

  • sarah

    Hey, You can download all of the first season on limewire.

  • Liz

    somehow i can’t download the season. I got iTunes allright, but when I click that link, I have to buy it. Not so free?

    Can somebody please help me?

  • mariel

    where/how can i dl gossip girl season 2 episode 2 “Never been Marcused” … please help ….

  • omg

    i hate the u.s
    they can see every fuggin tv show for free while the rest of the world has to live with it becuz of that crppy copyrite….u guys suck(hollywood) y the hell shud the u.s get everything huh? r they more important than the rest of the world???? this totally pisses me off…i have triend watching depsertae housewives, gossip girl, the simpsons for free but no…..only the u.s gets to be fat and lazy and watch tv series for free all day while the rest of the world has to earn money to watch it for freee SCREW THE U.S!”!!!

  • omg

    i mean to pay to watch it

  • gabriela

    where do i download lnik where is the link??

  • Susane


  • ashley

    gotta watch this..

  • Vincent

    thank you

  • xgbu168

    very good!

  • nat

    thank you

  • DANA

    thank ya

  • muneb

    thank you

  • RamSex

    Hey get the Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 18 from here!!



  • Sara

    Thank you so much. I am really enjoying watching this show =)

    thanks again 😉

  • i love blair,nate and chuck. the are awesome

  • june

    love Nate!

  • sarah

    love it “||

  • thando

    chuck rocks

  • alicia

    chucks the best!

  • wica

    There is no link I can free download gosssip girl ?????????????

  • i know one more website from where you can download gossip girl

    Try this

  • Joyceemarfori

    is this for real? free download

  • chrissa


  • fillipi ndamase

    how can I download the whole season 6 of gossip girl