Emmy Picks 2007: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy

In anticipation of Sunday’s EMMY Awards, theTVaddict.com crew is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things turn out] to present our 2007 GUARANTEED EMMY WINNERS [not really guaranteed!]. Check beck regularly throughout the week, as new categories are added. Agree with our picks? disagree completely? Think we take TV a little too seriously! Post your comments below.

Nominees (L to R):Ricky Gervais, Tony Shalhoub, Steve Carell, Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen

theTVaddict Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Alec Baldwin
Not only is he brilliant on 30 ROCK, he’s had a pretty rough year.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Anyone but Tony Shalhoub
Or Charlie Sheen. Isn’t it time the Emmy Voters thanked Ricky Gervais for giving America THE OFFICE and EXTRAS?

Who Was Snubbed: Zach Braff
The heart and soul of SCRUBS deserves far more recognition.

Amrie Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Alec Baldwin or Tony Shalhoub
Both worthy nominees.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais is my hero. I would watch him in anything.

Who Was Snubbed: Jason Lee
Jason Lee for My Name is Earl?

Jenny Predicts:

Who I Think Will Win: Charlie Sheen
Again, Emmy’s LOVE this show. I love him in it, but I love Monk more.

Who I HOPE Will Win: Tony Shalhoub
No one plays crazy link Tony Shalhoub as Monk…

Who Was Snubbed: Zach Braff
Last season’s finale if nothing else should have earned him a nod.

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  • Jenny

    Obviously I meant Zach Braff. I dunno how Lauren Graham got in there. *laugh*

  • Josh

    Who I Think Will Win: Steve Carell
    He’s always seemed like the standout winner in this category, to me.

    Who I HOPE Will Win: Alec Baldwin
    Alec is brilliant on 30 Rock. He should get that Emmy, hands down. I’m just afraid that too many voters are going to snub him just because of the incident.

    Who Was Snubbed: Zach Braff

  • WILL: Charlie Sheen [cringe] or Tony Shaloub [snore]

    SHOULD: Alec Baldwin. Jack Donaghy is one of the funniest characters on TV and Baldwin plays him with just enough smarm and pompousness without overdoing it.

    SNUBBED: No one really. I don’t watch Scrubs for Braff anymore, I watch it for the rest of the characters. JD gets on my nerves.

  • Jenny — Sorry for the Braff/Lauren Graham znafu!

  • You should apologize to Amrie and especially Mary Louise Parker for calling her a man!