Emmys 2007 Best and Worst Moments

Best Winner: Honestly, could we love UGLY BETTY’s America Ferrera anymore?

Worst Winner: Did the fine folks at Price Waterhouse Cooper get their ‘James’ confused? I would have bet the house on James Gandolfini walking away with a final Emmy thank you for THE SOPRANOS. Spader — sleep with one eye open. The mob never forgets.

Best Presenter Gaffe: Elaine Stritch missing her cue while presenting. Somehow when Stritch messes up, it’s hilarious.

Worst Presenter Gaffe: Katherine Heigl correcting the announcer on the proper pronunciation of her name. Note to Katherine — you’re gorgeous, successful and just won an Emmy. Let’s cut the announcer a little slack.

Best Ryan Seacrest Moment: His hilarious and surprising shot at Paula Abdul. Apparently she likes weed… umm we mean WEEDS, the show.

Worst Ryan Seacrest Moment: Dressing up as a character from Showtime’s THE TUDORS. Note to all future Emmy, Oscar and Grammy hosts. Dressing up in costume was funny once and only once — when Whoopi donned ‘The Queen’s’ dress while hosting the Oscars. It’s time to move on.

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  • He’s a fellow alumnus and so I love him, but I’m so frakking glad Spader won over Gandolfini. Having them lose all 4 acting categories was nice since I expected them to sweep them all.

  • Elaine Stritch needs to guest on every show out there (that I like of course). Seriously, hilarious. Love that woman.

  • I’ve gotta say, I couldn’t disagree more on some of this stuff. I was happy to see Spader win… I’ve thought Gandolfini’s performance has been one-note for years, and I didn’t want to see the voters simply hand it to him in a wave of “ohhh, it’s the best show on television” sentiment. Frankly, I’d rather sit through Boston Legal any day than the Sopranos, which is so uneven it makes Britney look stable. Also, I thought the Tudor’s getup was a gas. After all, he was playing on the fact that Emmy hosts are known for changing their outfits several times during the evening. Given the “is he or isn’t he” gay rumors that constantly circle Ryan, I thought it was a — dare I say it? — almost brave move. And good for katherine on correcting them! You know what? The announcer has one job… say the names and get it right.

  • Sheindie

    i agree

  • Sheindie — HEROES stuff this week! I promise!

  • tralfaz, I agree with you about everything except the BL/Sopranos stuff, and I can’t disagree with you about it either. I’m ok with him winning, cause he’s hysterical on BL, but since I didn’t watch the Sopranos, I couldn’t agree about Gandolfini’s acting. lol 🙂

  • I liked how the show moved, how it was actually funny (outside of Ryan Seacrest and his interminable mission to convince people he’s straight), and why hasn’t BL signed up Elaine Stritch yet?