PRISON BREAK: Orientacion

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WIth the fall TV season officially starting last night, this TV Addict found himself jumping back on the PRISON BREAK bandwagon in an effort to get his ‘new TV fix’ on.

Implausible situations — Check!
A hero who never smiles — Check!
Some really nasty prisoners — Check!

Ladies and gentleman, Welcome to Sona B*tch! Or as I like to call it, the prison that guards forgot.

Okay, so I may be overstating things a wee bit, and quite possibly suffering from a new TV season over-stimulation high, but seriously, could last night’s third season premiere of PRISON BREAK been any more exciting? How on earth are Scofield and Co. going to manage to escape this time? Any chance there’s a really talented tattoo artist stuck in Sona? Feel free to waste some valuable bandwidth with your guesses.

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  • Bob

    I was actually surprised. I thought I was going to hate the “new” Prison Break but I ended up thinking it was pretty good. One thing I heard yesterday (on Ellen) is that Scofield will be wearing all long sleeve shirts this year because they do not want to keep drawing that map all over his body. Pretty tough when they tape in Austin in 111 degree heat!

    I love that we actually didn’t see Tancredi’s face…

  • tdot

    hey daniel. I remember last year you god bored of Prison Break and now it looks like you cant get enough of it! oh yeah when is the next PODCAST!??!?!!?

  • tdot,

    Believe me, I remember! But the first night of new TV! How could I not tune into PRISON BREAK.

  • >could last night’s third season premiere of PRISON BREAK been any more exciting?

    are you serious? i thought is was bad! really bad. lincoln plot had nothing interresting in it, and the kidnapping (and phone call) was pretty much BS if you ask me; Michael plot I just don’t care about.
    I don’t know who he has to help nor do I care, and seing him escaping from some other prison is not that exciting. I don’t want to see a new version of season one…

    More on what i thought of it here:

    What I feared after S2 finale is coming to reality, and that’s not a good sign for this season…

  • rollz

    I’m seriously CRAZY about this show. Wow, I just wish Michael gets his happy ending SOMEHOW- cuz no one deserves it more than him.