SUPERNATURAL Third Season Pics: Jensen Edition

jensen supernatural season 3

Since the introduction of Ruby and Bella this summer, has been inundated with cries from SUPERNATURAL fans like this one, courtesy of frequent visitor Katie, “This is Supernatural, right? So, uh…where are the Winchesters? All I see is a Buffy look-alike.” Well, rest assured SUPERNATURAL addicts, the powers that be are listening. Enjoy these just released photos from SUPERNATURAL’s second episode titled, ‘These Kids Are Allright.”

jensen supernatural season 3

jensen supernatural season 3

jensen supernatural season 3

jensen supernatural season 3

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  • Wow, these pics are a little more ‘colorful’ and ‘bright’ than I’m used to seeing for Supernatural. Guess they are really ‘retooling’ this show.

    But Dean with a kid? Seriously. Did we learn nothing from Angel?
    Also, would Dean really were those shades? Sheesh.

  • I’ve always been confused by the fact that Dean seems to take the time to keep his military cut trimmed but Sam always looks like they can’t find a barber in any of the towns they visit.

  • Elise

    Sam’s hair cut is whats in style it is a shag most guys have it and I think it looks good that way.. The style keeps him looking young and thats the aim their going for.

  • Aileen

    The pictures are so cute! And I agree with Kara…S1 Sam’s hair was cute, but S2 Sam’s emo mop was starting to take on a life of its own.

  • Didn’t I tell you not to feed the Supernatural fangirls?

    Now they’re just going to skulk around the place expecting stuff like this all the time!

    You might as well re-name the site TheSupernaturalAddict!


  • Tim G… You’re HIGHLARIOUS…. but truth be told…. I’m a TV Addict, and the one thing I respect, is the passion SUPERNATURAL fans have for their show. Thus I’ll continue feeding the beast, or yellow-eyed demon until the show is off the air!

  • Oh my god, they’ve got dirt on you don’t they? What is it? Pictures? Documents?

    Blink once for yes, twice for no!

  • ewanspotter

    What? In no way, shape, or form do we SPN fans have a set of photos of the TV Addict bathing naked in a vat of mustard. Noooope. Not at all.

    Keep the Supernatural dish coming! (Or, we break out the mustard. I’m watching you.)

  • So THAT’s why he keeps asking me if I have any Grey Poupon…

    I thought he was just trying to be funny by quoting old commercial catch phrases.


  • Yay for the pics and double yay for the hysterical comments. 😀 lol

  • IF we are going to talk about mustard can we at least keep this discussion on topic a little and include Jenson? He would, by the way, would look good in any assortment of condiments.

  • Stephanie

    I sooo wish I could tell spoilers on here. But that would be wrong. I couldn’t hurt my fellow Supernatural fans like that! …at least, those who don’t like spoilers! hahaha…

    Jensen is lookin’ mighty fine!!!! And that kid is adorable!

    Thank you!!

  • Brandy

    Hey, I came here for the Supernatural stuff, I stayed for the snark! 🙂

  • Jillian

    Dean with kids. Rather priceless. Thanks for the pics!

  • Mousitsa

    Tim, I think you mean some… uh… “Grey’s Poop-On”. And I will have you know that this rabid SN fan needs to be fed at regular intervals, or bad things happen!

    Thank you for the pics… adorable!! And relax fangirls, this episode will be the perfect opportunity to examine issues of “what-ifs” in view of Dean’s deal, as well as themes of family, loyalty, and responsibility. But after all the angsting and reflection is over, I have no doubt that the little tyke will belong to someone other than Dean. Family is way too important to the Winchesters for Dean to walk away from his child, not to mention how a little Winchesters would completely mess up the dynamics of the show. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the fantastic performance that I am sure the talented Mr. Ackles will deliver. 🙂

    My Dean hunger has been temporarily fed, but I’m going into Sammy withdrawals!!!

  • NikkiHolly

    this is why i love you, TVAddict. 😉

  • *cowers in the corner*

  • KayDee

    I just like that, no matter which pictures you post Tim, SN fans have to complain about something! “Would Dean really where those sunglasses?” “Dean with a kid?” Since we haven’t really seen Dean where sunglasses much if at all, who cares? And if they have one ep where he thinks he might have a kid … who cares? With as many girls as he’s obviously slept with – I’d be surprised if he DIDN’TI think the pictures are terrific, and thank you for taking the time to post

  • ewanspotter

    Tim, if I were you, I’d make sure any and all secret condiment pictures — including that guacamole incident — you may have don’t see the light of day. If they leak, the fangirls will eat you alive.

  • Dillen-Grace

    Ich finde ” Supernatural” so geil!! Meine Freundinn und ich wir haben eingentlich voll schiss horrorfilme zu gucken und Supernatural ist ja so zu sagen zur hälfte horrormäßig gemacht. Aber wir sehen es uns trotzdem an, weil da die süßen Jungs mitspielen…oh man auf die können wir doch nicht verzichten!!!!!!! Am meisten gefällt uns Dean! oh man der ist so cute!!!!

  • Jensen …………….
    in my country “Indonesia this serial just till season 2….
    but… i’ll try and hope that this serial will com soon to my country….

    jensen and jared ….you’re a good boyz………..

    I hope both of you will visited me and all of you’re fans in Palembang-Indonesia
    I’m sorry if my english not too good

  • Dean Winchester

    ThIs meesage goes out to Kara. Of course I would wear shades like this. I wore them only once in the middle of season 1, but still I wore them. To answer your other question about mine and Sam’s hair. I have a hair growth problem so my hair never grows out, so I never have to worry about it, and Sam likes to keep his own style. He thinksit makes all the girls like him more.

  • julie

    Hey people, SN is huge here in Australia, each episode leaves us dripping for more. Writers stike put a dampener on S3 tho’ so short…

  • i sooooooooooooooooo love suoernatural, i think it is the best show ever.specialy the men, their great

  • Corey

    I love supernatural so much and their better be a 5th season. These pic are mighty fiine keep them coming. And Kara Jensen’s name is spelt with an E no an O just to let u know. Also don’t dis Sam’s hair he looks mighty fine just the way he is and same goes with Dean.

  • matsakoni!!!!!

    eisai teleios edision…gianna apo patra greece!!!!!!

  • sarah

    i love supernatural so much. Dean and Sam look better with their tops off i have them as my background on my computer with theit tops off. i think that you should put it on every day not just on sundays because i cant wait for the next one. hi kerrie hagon