We Preview the Second Season of HEROES

Desperate for a HEROES fix prior to Monday’s second season premiere? Why not check out these just released preview clips from Monday’s episode titled “Generations.” Click here to watch Mohinder talk about his father’s research his research! Or here to meet David Anders (Sark from ALIAS!)! Or here to witness Claire’s first day at a new school! Or here to meet Claire’s new ‘friend’ Wes. And finally here to watch more Hiro! Be sure to tune into the new season of HEROES this Monday September 24 at 9PM on NBC (Global TV in Canada).

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  • So David Anders goes from doing a high-society British accent in ALIAS to doing more of a working class one in HEROES.

    What’s with all these Brits being cast as American and Americans being cast as Brits?!

  • Gemnoire

    And a bloody good Brit accent at that, if somewhat generically southern/london, though not really what I’d classify as working class :p. It wasn’t until I looked him up on wikipedia that I realised he was actually american.
    All in all, it’s looking good, bring on Monday 😀

  • Sheindie

    LOVE Heroes and..the SArmy eagerly awaits the Toronto interview with Zachary Quinto … 🙂