Catch the Season Premiere of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Right Now!

Wondering what’s going on with your favorite football team the Dillon Panthers? Desperate for a Taylor Family Fix? Miss Lyla, Smash, Jason, Matt, Tim, Julie, Landry and Tyra as much as we do? Well here’s what we want you to do.

First. click here to watch the entire second season premiere of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS courtesy of Yahoo TV. Then, go ahead and email ten friends to do the exact same thing! Trust the TV Addict, the only way FNL’s going to see a third season is if dedicated fans spread the word (Perhaps some rabid SUPERNATURAL fans can give us a few pointers on how to generate online buzz?!)

Thanks to Mo Ryan for the Tip!

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  • NikkiHolly

    YES! no more waiting! thanks for the heads up!

  • I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more in love with this show.
    Until I watched the Full Season 2 premiere. So awesome.
    If Connie Britton isn’t recognized with SOME award nomination for this premiere alone, I’ll lose faith in TV viewers.

  • Uhhhh… Wow. There are no words. Starts with Matt Saracen shirtless and ends… well, I won’t spoil. WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO GO FROM THERE?

    I need to stop watching DVD boxed sets of shows. I got spoiled watching the entire first season in 4 days. How am I going to wait a week or more between episodes?!

  • God, I love this show.

    Riggins&Lyla. Saved!Lyla is hillarious. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton reminded me why I’m so pissed off at Emmy voters.

  • Alex

    oh what a shame that they dont let people outside of the states see it, really crappy of them.
    i guess i will have to wait till it airs to get it.

  • Courtney

    TVaddict – why must you taunt fellow Canadians with all of the delightful free stuff we’re missing? i’m eagerly waiting October 5! (of course the one show that i’m most anticipating has the latest premiere date…argh!)

  • Courtney,

    Rest assured, I can’t watch the show either! But I wanted to pass along the info to our American Friends.

  • Just when I thought I couldn’t hate Lyla Garrity any more… heh.

  • h

    I love, love, love this show and the first 10 minutes or so reminded me exactly why.

    One question, though, weren’t Lyla, Tim, Jason and Tyra all Seniors last year? Ok, I’ll forget I know that. I didn’t like what happened in the end though. I wish they’d gone a different way with that.

  • They never actually said what year any of the students were besides Julie, Saracen & Smash.

  • Brynhildur

    common please tell us first that this is only for US before I get all excited

  • Dana

    Omg i love every second of Friday Night Lights. Wierd way to go at the end but the actors are so good they actually pull everything off. Connie Britton is amazing and the actress who played Julie actually impressed me a lot. AH I do not want to wait till October. I need more Matt and Coach scenes, love them!

  • Shannon

    Okay I am so glad I got to watch the premiere early…but the time jump is a little frustrating…Riggins seems to have completely gone back to his old ways, which is disappointing…and I’m not really crazy about what happened at the end of the episode…hello…that just seems like a very bad idea! But I love this show…I’ll watch it no matter what! Just a side note…Waverly, Beau, Herc and Suzy (tattoo girl) better come back!

  • Jessica

    Can’t wait for the new season, I’ve already gotten four more people hooked through the first season DVD!

  • Mana

    Since I’m not in the US I can’t watch it right now but man can I not wait to see the second season. I love this show. Pure brilliance is what it is. The simplistic cinematography, the characters, the acting and the writing…it is all just top notch.

    I really got to stop falling for the underdogs of the TV world. With FNL and Supernatural as my favorite shows I’ll be sure to suffer a nervous breakdown by the time of the upfronts next spring.

  • NikkiHolly

    finished watching it and it was amazing! i loved it! though i kinda knew what was gonna happen in the end when i saw the bridge, it was still good.

    pointers on how to promote FNL from a rabid SPN fan? Well, since this show does have Adrianne Palicki (Tyra on FNL, and *sniff* Jess on SPN), I guess it’s alright to share our secrets. 😉 E-mail all the tv columnists (Kristin Dos Santos, Michael Ausiello) and spam their inbox with messages of how incredibly awesome this show is. Tell everyone you know about it. Use your MySpace and Facebook and LiveJournal to promote the show with a bold graphic (including a pic of the cast. because after seeing Taylor Kitsch and Adrianne Palicki, who wouldn’t want to watch the show?). And after that, it’s just luck…or you could go the Roswell/Jericho root and send the network something important to the show. (but those shows had stuff like Tabasco and Nuts. Idk what you’d send for FNL. Footballs maybe?) 🙂