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In anticipation of tonight’s series premiere of GOSSIP GIRL (CW, 9PM), this TV Addict thought we’d start the day off by doing a little gossiping ourselves. Call me Gossip Girl Guy. Today’s topic. Which of your soon to be favorite new girls will follow the path of former teen queens Shannon Doherty and Misha Barton?

Now I know what you’re thinking, “TV Addict, Why on earth would you stir up such trouble?” To that I say, first, call me Gossip Guy. Second — Pullleeaassee. We’ve all watched enough television to know how this works. Anonymous twenty-something rockets to stardom and just as quickly starts to plot his or her exit with the hopes of kick starting a movie career. Heck, former OC Dad Tate Donovan even admitted in an interview last week that, “the kids [of THE OC] became incredibly difficult to work with,” elaborating that, “the actors were unhappy, and they all wanted movie careers and did not want to be on television, all four of them. They were, like, ‘This show is killing my career.”

So Gossip Girls and Guys. In honor of what’s now officially become ‘Gossip Wednesday’ we pose this question to you. Which girl will be the first to bolt for the big screen? Blake Lively, Leighton Meester or Taylor Momseen. Gossip away.

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  • Paul

    CTV already aired the pilot

  • lily314

    Um, Blake Lively already has a movie career (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, with sequel in post-production). She has actually spoken in interviews of making the jump to television (http://buzzsugar.com/640271). Leighton and Taylor have also been credited in a few films; not sure how big their roles were.

    Check your facts or you lose credibility.

  • Well, considering I know Blake Lively from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series, and 2 is already in the bag (with a now more famous America Ferrera), she has the best shot out again. Leighton Meester will have to compete with big sister Rachel Bilson since they look pretty much the same and Bilson has a head start.

    Meanwhile, I think the boys on this show will pull the Mischa Barton school of diva flag. Chace already looks like he’s tired of it all.

  • lily314,

    Thanks for the comment but I think you’re missing the point. First, the post is somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’ A tone that may not translate through my writing. Second, I’m well aware of the ladies IMDB resumes… but there’s a big difference between a supporting role in THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELLING PANTS…. and starring in your own CW hit show.

    With stardom comes raised profiles and movie offers. Just ask Misha Barton.

  • Courtney

    Two movies from the same series with a narrow demographic does not a movie star make. Especially since the second one was only made to cash in on America Ferrera’s new-found celebrity status. Don’t get me wrong, i’ll definitely see the new Sisterhood movie, but I think that if anything Blake Lively is the most likely to stay put on the show.

    My guess would be Taylor Momseen… but anyone who’s read the books knows that there’s a possible out for her 😉 Though seriously, the CW seems to have it’s young actors a lot more under control than other networks. Look at all the people who have been on multiple CW shows (Jared Padlecki, Chad Michael Murray, Kristen Bell, etc)

    For once living in Canada pays off & I got to watch the pilot of GG yesterday on CTV. Loved it, but like you discussed in the podcast recently, having read the books I’m a bit disappointed in the casting for Jenny. (ps – PLEASE record part 2 of your Fall preview podcast!!)

  • Oh, I also didn’t mean Blake wil be a star FROM Sisterhood 2, just that she will have the biggest break out chance in the future. Personally, I think the TV show is her biggest break as it always is with these kids. Do they not realise TV is the new star maker and not film?

    I was actually thinking. Oh finally. Blake has a show now like the other 3 girls in Sisterhood. Ha. good for her NOW!

  • Common Sense

    Ditto, Vance. The best place for these young stars to become household names and achieve A-list status is to headline a hot, weekly TV show that teens love. This show is it. Remember, no one cares that Chad M-M did ‘The Cinderella Story’ or ‘House of Wax.’ He’s a nobody without One Tree Hill. There are limited quality movie roles for young actors just starting out, but things will open up if they shine on TV. Blake is a natural, Chace will have a long career; the others? Supporting talent, at best, on the big-screen.

  • tdot

    CTV had it on yesterday, but i only watched the 1st 10 mins and it was good. Ill watch the rest tonight after ANTM.

  • Adam

    Am I the only one who didn’t find this show at all interesting? Watched the pilot last night and had to force myself to sit through the whole thing. I just didn’t have any feelings for any of the characters. I thought they were very one-dimensional and boring. Very paint-by-the-numbers.

    Honestly, I’m a little relieved because I didn’t really want to start another new show. But I usually love the “rich kids having fun” sort of storyline and everyone’s been talking about this show … so I guess I was just surprised at how boring I thought it was.

    Just curious to know if I’m the only one.