Random Musings for a Wednesday

Remember our little 10 TV QUESTION CHALLENGE you [theTVaddict.com readers] helped put together last month? Well, we finally got our first showrunner response. And I have a feeling frequent visitors to the site will have a pretty good guess as to which showrunner was cool enough to respond first! Any guesses?

More Good News if you’re a fan of FREE TV on DVD. There are still two days remaining to enter both our HEROES and DEXTER Contests.

And finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a quick plug to Kelsey Grammer’s new sitcom BACK TO YOU. Premiering tonight at 8PM, the half hour laugher not only features an all-star ensemble including Patricia Heaton and Fred Willard — but is a nice reminder that the classic sitcom is alive and well. (FOX and GLOBAL at 8PM)

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  • Jennifer

    i like kelsey grammer, but i can’t stand patricia heaton………the show looks funny though

  • Patricia Heaton is an evil, old hag. Even though I love Fred Willard I’m skipping this for sure.

  • Oh, and I’m guessing either Tim Kring or Rob Thomas were first to respond to the challenge. Rob Thomas is the show runner of Big Shots now, right?

  • ewanspotter

    If it’s The Kripkeeper, I’ll kiss you.

  • Josh

    I don’t like Grammer or Heaton much, but I did catch some of Back to You tonight. It actually wasn’t all that bad. I’d watch it before I’d watch Rules of Engagement or Two and a Half Men.

  • Shannon

    I’m gonna go with Kripke…and then Tim Kring…When are you posting it…I can’t wait!

  • Brandy

    Seeing as how all my questions were really directed at Kripke… I’m gonna cross my fingers that A: some of my questions were asked (you never did say which ones were picked) and B: that Kripke was first to respond!!!

  • Mousitsa

    With his openness to his fans, and with so many regular communications to reach out to them, I’m going to put my money (and cross my fingers) that your first responder was none other than the Kripmeister, Eric Kripke! I’m hoping he can give us insight into his creative thinking as well as some scoop on the future direction for Supernatural. My second vote goes to Tim Kring.

    As for “Back to You”, a late work night with meetings will prevent me from seeing this. Although I’m a bit surprised at the hate towards Patricia Heaton… I actually liked her from Everybody Loves Raymond. It’s Grammer that I’m very neutral about. It wil be interesting to see what kind of chemistry these two have in their interactions though.

    **goes back to crossing fingers and hoping for the Kripmeister** 🙂

  • Mousitsa,

    Thanks for the guess… you’ll find out next week!

    As for the dislike of Patricia Heaton. I think a lot of people aren’t a fan of her political views… not her fantastic work on EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND

  • Mel

    I’m hoping it’s EK too!

    Back to You was OK — didn’t hate it, didn’t love it.