Could We Be Any More Excited For Monday?

heroes cover ew

HEROES returns on Monday and not surprisingly, we’re not the only TVcentric site to be counting the days. Check out this first look at Entertainment Weekly’s new issue featuring everybody’s favorite hero Hiro.

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  • Josh

    I can never find EW in stores! 🙁

    I cannot wait for Monday. Heroes and How I Met Your Mother are back, plus the premiere of Chuck!

  • Zach

    omg! i can not wait for Monday! hopefully i have enough time to do my assignments and watch the show. AHHH thank you so much for the previews…
    love heroes!!

  • Josh… if you can afford it — subscribe! EW is definitely worth it. It’s the only magazine I still subscribe to. Of course I will have to wait until Tuesday to get my issue, since Canada Post seems to run on slow-mo. That said, I may be able to pick one up earlier… but more on that later.

  • Linda B.

    Anybody out there that has the magazine now, what’s the Viggo cover story about? Is there a nude fight scene in his new movie Eastern Promises? Say yes please!

  • I’ve been an EW subscriber for like 8 years now. It and Time are the only magazines I read on a weekly basis.

    Love the cover, Masi looks cool. Not as cool as Future-Hiro, but cool nonetheless.

  • Sheindie

    I am so happy I subscribed to EW.. it’s the only mag you need.
    This is for my favorite TVaddict – when oh when can we expect your incisive and interesting Toronto HWT interview with Zachary Quinto? ‘SArmy minds want to know’ 🙂 Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  • SuperChris

    Nice Sheindie! Yes, SArmy is patiently waiting. Just 3 more days til the premier!

    When is this issue going to be available in stores? I checked for it today and it wasn’t there. Guess I’ll just have to check back next week. Maybe I should suscribe since you guys are clearly getting it before everyone else can.